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专题 06 完形填空(人物或故事类、科普或环境保护类或健康类、社会现象或历
1.【2018 年江苏省宿迁市】Once there was a girl, named Kate. She was very polite and ready to help everybody. One day she found a pink paper bag on the way to school. She opened it and saw there was a lot of ___16___in it. She thought she should hand it in to the teacher, so she ___17___it in her schoolbag.
When she went to the teacher’s office, her teacher wasn’t ___18___. As it was time for class, she hurried to the classroom.
After class, she told her friend, Mary, about the money that she___19___. Then, her greedy (贪婪的) friend took away the bag.
After school, Kate wanted to go to the___20___office again, but she found the money was missing. The next day when the children were playing a game, Mary fell down and was hurt very badly. The other children stood around her and didn’t know___21___to do. Kate kept calm and did something to stop bleeding. She told the others to go to teachers for____22____Soon a teacher took Mary to the ___23___and the doctor examined her carefully. Within a week she was all right again. Kate became very popular in the school. Two weeks later Mary came to Kate house. Her eyes were red. She was crying. She gave Kate the ___24___paper bag with the money in it and said. “Kate, I have taken the money away. That day when you helped me, I felt very sad and now I decide to tell you the____25____, you are such a nice friend! ____26____Please don’t tell the school about this please!” then Kate said, “you are now____27____, but you have done a bad thing. Though I will not tell anyone, I want you not to be greedy and____28____ to do anything wrong.” The girl thanked Kate and_____29_____. At the end of the term Kate was given a ____30____for being a very helpful girl in the school. Mary became an honest girl and was never greedy again. Once wrong, never be wrong forever. 16. A. bread B. money C. paper D. fruit 17. A. got B. caught C. kept D. sent 18. A. out B. away C. off D. in 19. A. found B. lost C. saved D. made

20. A. worker’s B. doctor’s C. teacher’s D. headmaster’s 21. A. how B. what C. when D. where 22. A. help B. treatment C. action D. leave 23. A. school B. classroom C. office D. hospital 24. A. red B. pink C. white D. black 25. A. lie B. story C. truth D. result 26. A. And B. But C. Or D. So 27. A. friendly B. polite C. generous D. honest 28. A. never B. seldom C. sometimes D. usually 29. A. got up B. woke up C. gave up D. cheered up 30. A. prize B. laugh C. joke D. reply 【答案】16. B 17. C 18. D 19. A 20. C 21. B 22. A 23. D 24. B 25. C 26. D 27. D 28. A 29. D 30. A 【解析】试题分析:短文讲述了两个小女孩的故事。乐于助人的凯特在路上捡到一个钱包,想交给老师, 可是被自己的同学贪婪的玛丽拿走了。第二天,玛丽在玩耍时摔伤了,凯特帮她止血并让其他同学通知老 师送玛丽去了医院。玛丽很受感动,给凯特讲明了真相。凯特告诉她,诚实很重要,不要再做错事。 16. 句意:她打开它,发现里面有很多钱。考查名词辨析题。根据下文 After class, she told her friend, Mary, about the money that she found. Then, her greedy friend took away the bag.,可知袋子里 面是钱,故选 B。
19. 句意:下课后,她把找到的钱告诉了她的朋友玛丽。考查动词辨析题。that shefound 作 the money 的 后置定语;根据前文 One day she found a pink paper bag on the way to school. She opened it and saw there was a lot of money in it.,可知选 A。 20. 句意:放学后,凯特又想去老师的办公室,但她发现钱不见了。考查名词所有格辨析题。again 又,再; 根据前文 When she went to the teacher’s office, her teacher wasn’t in.,结合句意语境,可知选 C。

21. 句意:其他的孩子都站在她身边,不知道该做什么。考查宾语从句引导词。A. how 怎样,问状况/方式, do 后要有宾语;B. what 什么,问事/物,做 do 的宾语;C. when 什么时候,问时间;D. where 在哪里, 问地点。由连接代、副词引导的宾语从句可以和“疑问词+不定式”结构转化。本句是宾语从句的简略形式, what 做 do 的宾语;根据句意结构和语境,可知选 B。 22. 句意:她告诉其他人去找老师帮忙。考查名词辨析题。A. help 帮助,帮忙;B. treatment 治疗,对 待;C. action 行动,作用;D. leave 辞别,许可。根据下文 Soon a teacher took Mary to the hospital and the doctor examined her carefully.,结合句意语境,可知有老师帮助了她,故选 A。
25. 句意:现在我决定告诉你真相。考查名词辨析题。A. lie 谎言;B. story 故事;C. truth 真相;D. result 结果。根据句意语境,可知 truth 符合语境,故选 C。 26. 句意:所以请不要把这件事告诉学校!考查连词辨析题。A. And 和,表并列;B. But 但是,表转折; C. Or 或者,表选择;D. So 所以,表因果。本句前后是因果关系,需用 so 连接;根据句意语境,可知选 D。 27. 句意:你现在很诚实,但你做了错事。考查形容词辨析题。根据句意语境,玛丽讲出了真相,可知是 诚实的,故选 D。 28. 句意:虽然我不会告诉任何人,但我希望你不要贪婪,不要做任何错事。考查副词辨析题。A. never 从不,表完全否定;B. seldom 很少,表(不完全)否定;C. sometimes 有时;D. usually 通常。and 连 接并列结构,根据句意语境,可知 never 符合句意,故选 A。 29. 句意:这个女孩(玛丽)感谢凯特并欢呼起来。考查动词短语辨析题。A. got up 起床;B. woke up 醒来;C. gave up 放弃;D. cheered up 欢呼。根据句意语境,可知前面三个选项都与句意不合,故选 D。 30. 句意:学期结束时,凯特因为在学校里是一个非常乐于助人的女孩而获奖。考查名词辨析题。A. prize 奖励(品);B. laugh 嘲笑;C. joke 玩笑;D. reply 答复。根据句意语境,可知 prize 符合文意,故选 A。 点睛:完型填空是难度最大的题。它集阅读理解、语法、词法、句法于一体。是考查语言综合运用的能力 的一道题。解题的方法第一要带着空,通读文章,搞清事件发生的背景。紧紧抓住上下文语境所提供的信 息,充分利用各种线索,语法知识,以及句子之间的关系,词的搭配,结合上下文背景语境,结合句意选择 适合语境的选项。

2.【2018 年江西中考】A)请先阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各小题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选 出可以填入相应空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。
There are purple clothes, purple handbags, purple bicycles, purple furniture, even purple computers! So purple is one of the most___9___colors today. But in the past, purple was a very expensive and unusual color. Let’s take a look at the rich___10___of the color purple.
Some scientists believe that the first plants to appear on Earth over 500 million years ago___11___looked purple, not green. Plants today are green because___12___use green chlorophyll (叶绿素) to produce energy.___13___these early plants probably used something called retinal, which is a dark purple color.
During the time of the roman Empire (37 BC-476 AD), it was very___14___to make purple dye (染料). The dye came from sea snails (海螺) .But10.000 dead sea snails___15___you just one gram (克)of purple dye… as well as a very bad smell! This___16___purple dye was called Tyrian purple, and it was the preferred___17___of emperors.
In 16th--century England, purple was___18___for the kings family members. Queen Elizabeth Is clothes were purple, but ordinary people were not allowed to___19___the color.
In 1856. William Perkin, an 18-year-old___20___student, noticed something strange while doing an experiment (实验). The chemicals (化学药品) he used to clean his instruments___21___with the chemicals he used in his experiment and produced a bright purple color. This___22___Perkin to start a company using this chemical mixture to make purple dye. The dye was much___23___than sea snail dye. Thanks to Perkin, now anyone can afford to wear purple clothes. 9. A. peaceful B. popular C. exciting D. serious 10. A. history B. style C. research D. product 11. A. gradually B. especially C. exactly D. probably 12. A. others B. they C. we D. some 13. A. And B. So C. But D. Until 14. A. dangerous B. common C. difficult D. strange 15. A. got B. passed C. wasted D. cost 16. A. basic B. harmful C. special D. perfect 17. A. color B. smell C. plant D. animal 18. A. even B. never C. seldom D. only

19. A. wear B. sell C. change D. make 20. A. geography B. science C. art D. math 21. A. compared B. mixed C. collected D. kept 22. A. survey B. suggestion C. discovery D. exam 23. A. healthier B. thicker C. cheaper D. darker 【答案】9. B 10. A 11. D 12. B 13. C 14. C 15. A 16. C 17. A 18. D 19. A 20. B 21. B 22. C 23. C 【解析】试题分析:这篇说明文通过对比和举例,介绍了紫色的来历和发展,说明紫色曾经是是一种非常 昂贵和不寻常的颜色,但在科学家 Perkin 的努力下,用两种化学混合物制造紫色染料,终于使紫色成为当 今最流行的颜色之一。
11. 句意:5 亿多年前出现在地球上的第一批植物可能看起来是紫色的,而不是绿色的。考查副词辨析题。 A. gradually 渐渐地;B. especially 尤其;C. exactly 真地;D. probably 可能。本句表推测,需用 probably; 根据句意语境,可知选 D。 12. 句意:今天的植物是绿色的,因为它们用绿色的叶绿素产生能量。考查代词辨析题。空格指代上文的 plants,复数形式,需用 they;根据句意语境,可知选 B。 13. 句意:但是这些早期的植物可能使用了一种叫做视网膜的东西,它是一种深紫色。考查连词辨析题。 空格前后是现在的和早期的对比,属于转折关系,需用 but 连接;根据句意语境,可知选 C。 14. 句意:在罗马帝国时期,很难制造紫色染料。考查形容词辨析题。根据下文 The dye came from sea snails. But 10.000 dead sea snails got you just one gram of purple dye…10 只死海蜗牛只得到一克紫色染 料,可知很难得,故选 C。 15. 句意:染料来自海螺。但是 10000 只死海蜗牛只给了你一克紫色染料。考查动词辨析题。A. got 得到; B. passed 通过;C. wasted 浪费;D. cost 价值。根据句意语境,可知后面三项意思都与句意不合,故选 A。 16. 句意:这种特殊的紫色染料被称为提利紫色,它是皇帝的首选颜色。考查形容词辨析题。根据前文 The

dye came from sea snails. 染料来自海蜗牛,可知很特别,故选 C。 17. 句意:它是皇帝的首选颜色。考查名词辨析题。根据上文 was called Tyrian purple,可知是颜色, A. basic 基础的;B. harmful 有害的;D. perfect 完美的,均不合句意,可排除。故选 A。
20. 句意:1856 年,18 岁的理科学生 William Perkin 在做实验时注意到一些奇怪的东西。考查名词辨析 题。根据下文 The chemicals he used to clean his instruments mixed with the chemicals he used in his experiment and produced a bright purple color.,两种化学药品混合产生了反应(产生紫色), 可知做的是科学实验,故选 B。 21. 句意:他用来清洗仪器的化学药品与他在实验中使用的化学药品混合,产生了明亮的紫色。考查动词 辨析题。mix with(使)与……混合;根据句意语境,可知选 B。 22. 句意:这一发现使 Perkin 创办了一家用这种化学混合物生产紫色染料的公司。考查名词辨析题。根据 上文 William Perkin, noticed something strange while doing an experiment. Perkin 可知是在做实 验时注意到的,所以是他的发现,故选 C。 23. 句意:这种染料比海螺染料便宜得多。考查形容词比较级。根据下文 Thanks to Perkin, now anyone can afford to wear purple clothes. 任何人都买得起紫色衣服,可知更便宜,故选 C。 点睛:完型填空是难度最大的题。它集阅读理解、语法、词法、句法于一体。是考查语言综合运用的能力 的一道题。解题的方法第一要带着空,通读文章,搞清事件发生的背景。紧紧抓住上下文语境所提供的信 息,充分利用各种线索,语法知识,以及句子之间的关系,词的搭配,结合上下文背景语境,结合句意选择 适合语境的选项。
3.【2018 年山东聊城地区中考】阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C 三个选项 中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。
A boy and a girl were playing together. The boy had a lot of small glass ___1___. The girl had some candies with her. The boy told the girl that he would____2____her all his balls in exchange for (交换) her candies. The girl thought that was a good___3___.

But the boy didn’t give___4___of his balls to the girl. He kept the biggest and the___5___ball in his pocket and gave the others to the girl. ____6____the girl gave him all her candies.
That night, the girl had a ___7___sleep, but the boy didn’t sleep well. He kept thinking whether the girl had ___8___some candies from him.
You think in the way you do things. If you don' t give your hundred percent(百分之百) in a relationship, you’ll ___9___ keep thinking if the other person has given his or her hundred percent. This is true for any relationship. Give your hundred percent to everything you do and you’ll find that you can always___10___a lot of happiness. 1. A. balls B. cups C. bottles 2. A. lend B. buy C. give 3. A. answer B. idea C. reason 4. A. all B. most C. some 5. A. ugliest B. cheapest C. prettiest 6. A. But B. So C. Or 7. A. bad B. good C. light 8. A. borrowed B. stolen C. hidden 9. A. always B. never C. seldom 10. A. lose B. get C. want 【答案】1. A 2. C 3. B 4. A 5. C 6. A 7. B 8. C 9. A 10. B
2. 句意:这个男孩告诉这个女孩,他给她他所有的球换她的糖。A. lend 借; B. buy 买; C. give 给;根据 in exchange for (交换) her candies.可知是给;故选 C 3. 句意:这个小女孩认为那是个好主意。A. answer 回答; B. idea 主意; C. reason 原因;根据 The boy told the girl that he would____2____her all his balls in exchange for (交换) her candies.

这个男孩告诉这个女孩,他给她他所有的球换她的糖。可知是主意;故选 B 4. 句意:但是这个男孩没把他所有的球给这个小女孩。A. all 都,所有的; B. most 最多; C. some 一些;根据 He kept the biggest and the___5___ball in his pocket and gave the others to the girl 他在口袋里留了个最大最漂亮的,把其他的给了小女孩。可知是没给所有的;故选 A 5. 句意:他在口袋里留了个最大最漂亮的,把其他的给了小女孩。A. ugliest 最丑; B. cheapest 最 便宜; C. prettiest 最漂亮;根据句意应是最大最漂亮的留下了;故选 C
8. 句意:他一直在想小女孩是否藏了一些糖。A. borrowed 借; B. stolen 偷; C. hidden 藏;根 据上文 He kept the biggest and the___5___ball in his pocket and gave the others to the girl 他 在口袋里留了个最大最漂亮的,可知他也认为别人和他一样,是否藏了一些;故选 C 9. 句意:你总是一直想其他人是否给了百分百。A. always 总是; B. never 从不; C. seldom 很 少;根据 but the boy didn’t sleep well. He kept thinking whether the girl had ___8___some candies from him.小男孩没睡好,一直想小女孩是否和他一样也藏了一些糖;故选 A 10. 句意:你将会发现你会得到很多幸福。A. lose 失去; B. get 得到; C. want 想要;根据文章 小女孩付出百分百,睡得很好,小男孩没有付出百分百,睡得不好,可知如果你百分百付出,你就会得到 很多幸福。故选 B 4.【2018 年陕西省中考】One day. David and his friends talked about who their closest____1____were. When it was his turn, he said, "My best friend is Amy,____2____81-year-old woman living in Florida."
Their friendship came____3____a game. In the game, David and Amy were on the same team. After this game, they became good friends. David even told her about his dream of music.
However, life was hard for David at that time. He hardly____4____time or money to play music. Most of the time. he had to work in a restaurant. He felt that his dream was hopeless(无望的). ___5___he almost lost heart, Amy gave him lots of help and supported his dream. Two years later, he decided____6____to New York for his dream. There he held his first concert successfully.
After the concert, a famous reporter in New York heard of their story. He wanted to know what

___7___. So he flew to Florida to interview her. To his surprise, the friendship between Amy and David was____8____than he could imagine.
Later, many people____9____by this story. But Amy thought it was nothing. She said, "As friends, we____10____give a hand when they need." 1. A. friend B. friends C. classmate D. classmates 2. A. the B. / C. a D. an 3. A. from B. below C. to D. at 4. A. have B. had C. has had D. will have 5. A. Before B. When C. Unless D. If 6. A. go B. going C. to go D. gone 7. A. Amy was like B. was Amy like C. is Amy like D. Amy is like 8. A. beautiful B. beautifully C. more beautiful D. the most beautiful 9. A. is moved B. are moved C. was moved D. were moved 10. A. should B. would C. mustn't D. can't 【答案】1. B 2. D 3. A 4. B 5. B 6. C 7. A 8. C 9. D 10. A 【解析】本文讲述了两个人之间令人感动的友谊故事。
3. 句意:她们的友谊来自一次比赛。A.从…B.在…下面 C.到 D. 在…。come from 意为“来自…”,在描 述友谊的缘起,故选 A。 4. 句意:他几乎没有时间或金钱去玩音乐。这里是在描述过去的事情,讲述他过去“没有”…,所以使用 hardly had,故选 B。 5. 句意:当他几乎失去了信心的时候,他觉得他的梦想是无望的。A.在…之前 B.当…C.除非…D.如果…。 when 引导的是时间状语从句,描述的是“当…时”,其他的连词表达的意思不合句意,故选 B。 6. 句意:两年后,他决定去纽约为了他的梦想。decide to do 意为“决定去做…”,本句中是“decide to go”,故选 C。

9. 句意:后来,很多人被这个故事感动了。move 有“感动”的意思,人们只能是“被感动”,所以要用被 动语态,加之是在描述过去的事情,所以要用一般过去时的被动语态,所以要填 were moved,故选 D。 10. 句意:作为朋友,我们应该在他们需要的时候伸出援手。. A.应该 B.将 C.禁止 D.不能。这里想表达的 是“应该”之意,故选 A。 5.【2018 年四川成都市】 完形填空阅读下面两篇短文,根据短文内容,从 A、B、C 三个选项中选出可以填 入空白处的正确答案。 While many Chinese students go abroad to learn western culture, foreign students come to China. In order to get close to____16____Chinese culture, last July, 55 students and teachers from Germany came to China and joined a(n) ____17____camp. They visited several schools in Chengdu, Sichuan. At Huaxin High School, they made dumplings, played tai chi, did paper-cuts and learned calligraphy(书法). To help them____18____more about China, Chinese students led these foreign ___19___to some places of interest. In recent years, there are more cultural exchanges between Germany and China. Almost 400 German schools have Chinese classes. Over 8,000 students study in China. The situation is the same to China. Chinese students are one of the___20___foreign student groups in Germany. 16. A. modern B. traditional C. international 17. A. summer B. autumn C. winter 18. A. write B. read C. know 19. A. guests B. teachers C. artists 20. A. richest B. largest C. smallest 【答案】16. B 17. A 18. C 19. A 20. B 【解析】这篇短文主要讲述了中外文化的互相学*和交流。 16. 句意:外国学生老师来中国,为了接*中国的传统文化。A. modern 当代的;B. traditional 传统的; C. international 国际的。根据上文 While many Chinese students go abroad to learn western culture

可知,这里是说中国的传统文化。故选 B。
19. 句意:为了帮助他们更多的了解中国,中国学生们带领这些外国客人去参观一些名胜。A. guests 客人; B. teachers 老师;C. artists 艺术家;这里是指外国客人。故选 A。 20. 句意:在德国中国学生是最大的外国学生团队之一。one of+the+形容词的最高级+名词的复数。根据 Over 8,000 students study in China.可知是最大的团队之一。A. richest 最富有的;B. largest 最大 的;C. smallest 最小的。故选 B
点睛:我们在做阅读理解题时,就要明确初中阅读理解考查的主要内容,在此基础上,快速阅读全文,了解文 章大意;在了解文章的基础上,抓住首尾句;认真仔细、逐步答题;*心静气,不急躁,仔细检查,减少误差。严 格说来,阅读理解主要要求是:1.掌握阅读主旨大意,用以说明主旨大意的事实和细节;2.既理解具体事实, 也理解抽象的概念;3.既理解字面意思,也理解深层含义,包括作者的态度以及意图等。 6.【2018 年四川成都市】 There was once a wise old lady who lived on a hill. All the children used to go and ask her questions. She always gave them___21___answers.
There was a little boy among the children. One day he caught a little bird and held it in his hands without anybody seeing it. Suddenly he had an idea and asked his friends to___22___. “Let's____23____the old lady,” he said. “I'll ask her what I’m holding in my hands. Of course, she’ll answer that I have a bird. Then I'll ask her if the bird is alive or dead. If she says the bird is dead, then I'll_____24_____my hands and let the bird fly away. If she says the bird is alive, I'll quickly___25___it and show her the dead bird. Either way, she'11 be_____26_____”

The children agreed this was a clever plan. So _____27_____ the hill they all went to the old lady’s house.
“Granny, we have a____28____for you,” they all shouted.
“What’s in my hands?” the little boy asked. “Why, of course it must be a bird,” the old lady replied. “But is it alive or dead?” the boy asked____29____. All the boys____30____ her answer and got ready to laugh at her. The old lady thought for a moment and then replied, "It's up to you, my child. If you' re kind enough, it'll be alive.” 21. A. funny B. perfect C. impolite 22. A. play with it B. go back home C. go with him 23. A. play a trick on B. make friends with C. pay a visit to 24. A. open B. raise C. shake 25. A. save B. free C. kill 26. A. right B. wrong C. wise 27. A. up B. down C. across 28. A. question B. bird C. present 29. A. calmly B. worriedly C. excitedly 30. A. listened to B. waited for C. thought of 【答案】21. B 22. C 23. A 24. A 25. C 26. B 27. A 28. A 29. C 30. B 【解析】这篇短文主要讲述了山上有一位明智的老人,人们有问题总是向她去请教。有一天有个男孩想带 其他的男孩去糊弄她。 21. 句意:她总是给他们完美的答案。A. funny 有趣的;B. perfect 完美的;C. impolite 不礼貌;根据 上文 There was once a wise old lady who lived on a hill. All the children used to go and ask her questions.可知下文是完美的答案,故选 B。

24. 句意:然后我将打开我的手,让那只鸟飞走。A. open 打开;B. raise 筹集;C. shake 摇晃。根据上 文 If she says the bird is dead 可知,这里是张开手。故选 A。 25. 句意:如果她说鸟是活的,我将快速杀死它,出示她那只死鸟。A. save 拯救;B. free 免费的;C. kill 杀死;根据下文 show her the dead bird.可知是杀死那只鸟。故选 C。 26. 句意:她将是错误的。A. right 正确的;B. wrong 错误的;C. wise 明智的。根据上文 If she says the bird is dead, then I'll_____4_____my hands and let the bird fly away. If she says the bird is alive, I'll quickly___5___it and show her the dead bird.可知,是错误的。故选 B。 27. 句意:因此他们都朝着山上那位老人房子走去。A. up 向上;B. down 向下;C. across 横穿;这里是 向上爬山。故选 A。 28. 句意:他们都喊:“奶奶,我们有一个问题问你”A. question 问题;B. bird 鸟;C. present 礼物。 这里是说孩子们问问题。故选 A。 29. 句意:但是它是死的还是活的?这个男孩问激动地问。A. calmly *静地;B. worriedly 担心地;C. excitedly 激动地。在这里可知是那个男孩激动地问。故选 C。
7.【2018 年四川广安市中考】Once a gentleman was traveling in a train. He felt ___6___ and got down at a station to look for some water. But when he got to the water tap, the train had started. He ran back but ___7___ the train. It was getting late and he decided to spend the night at the station. The next morning he asked about the next ___8___ . He came to know that the next train was on the other day. So he decided to find a place for a day's stay It was getting ___9___ and he could not find a place near the station.

At last he reached a small village. He asked a villager ___10___ he could stay in his house for a night. The villager agreed. The villager cooked him food and ___11___ him a room to stay. But he did not ask for anything in return. At seven in the evening, the gentleman heard a knock at the door, The villager opened the door. It was a ___12___ man in black. He asked the man to pay his debts (债务). The next morning, the gentleman ___13___ some money on the bed. When the villager found the money, he also found a note. It said: "You ___14___ me but didn't want any pay from me. Yesterday I heard the conversation between you and the rich man. I knew that you were in need of ___15___ . This is what you need." 6. A. hungry B. thirsty C. tired D. busy 7. A. caught B. missed C. got D. saw 8. A. bus B. ship C. plane D. train 9. A. dark B. clean C. dirty D. quiet 10. A. and B. or C. if D. but 11. A. gave B. built C. had D. bought 12. A. poor B. rich C. ugly D. nice 13. A. forgot B. remembered C. left D. borrowed 14. A. cooked B. taught C. talked D. helped 15. A. food B. money C. time D. house 【答案】6. B 7. B 8. D 9. A 10. C 11. A 12. B 13. C 14. D 15. B 【解析】本文讲了一个意外错过火车的绅士去村里借宿,村民慷慨地为他提供了住宿,他也在得知了村民 的难处后为村民提供了自己的帮助。 6. 句意:他感到口渴,在车站下来寻找水。A.饥饿的 B.口渴的 C.累的 D.忙的,因为寻找水,所以说明他 “口渴”,故选 B。
8. 句意:第二天早上他问下一班火车。A.巴士 B.船 C.飞机 D.火车,从后句的“He came to know that the next train was on the other day.”(他知道了下一班火车在另一天。)说明他是在询问下一班火车,

故选 D。 9. 句意:当时天正在变黑,他在车站附*找不到一个地方。A.黑暗的 B.清洁的 C.脏的 D.安静的。天色只 能“越来越暗”,其它选项搭配不当,故选 A。 10. 句意:他问一个村民是否可以待在他家里过夜。A.和 B.或 C.如果;是否(宾语从句中)D.但是。这里 是 ask 引导的宾语从句,这里的 ask if….意为“询问是否…”,故选 C。 11. 句意:村民给他做了食物,并给他留下来一个房间用来休息。A.给 B.建造 C.有 D.买,give sb sth 意 为“给某人某物”,这里是说村民给他一间房子休息,故选 A。 12. 句意:是一个穿着黑衣的富人。A.穷的 B.富裕的 C.丑陋的 D.好的,从后面的“He asked the man to pay his debts”(他要求那个人偿还债务),说明这是债主,应该是一个富人,故选 B。 13. 句意:第二天早上,这位先生在床上留了一些钱。A.忘记 B.记得 C.离开;留下 D.借,leave+sth+地点 意为“把…留在某地/某处”,这是他有意留下来的,同时还留下了一个纸条,故选 C。 14. 句意:你帮了我,但你不想要任何报酬。A.烹饪 B.教 C.谈论 D.帮助,这里是那位先生留下的字条,意 思是说村民给他提供帮助过夜了,故选 D。 15. 句意:我知道你需要钱。A.食物 B.钱 C.时间 D.房子,昨天先生听到了村民和富人的对话,得知村民缺 钱,故选 B。 8.【2018 年四川省乐山市】Sometimes we wish we could stop time and go back in time. Well, twice a year, some countries actually decide to___16___the time. As summer begins, some countries, like the US, UK and most of other countries in the EU, move the time forward one hour: 12 o’clock becomes 1 o’clock. This is to give people one more hour of ___17___. This is called “daylight saving time (夏令时时间)”. But as winter arrives, you’ll notice the darkness stays with us___18___. The sun doesn’t enjoy being out as often as in the summer. To deal with this, these countries turn the clocks___19___one hour: 1 o’clock goes back to 12 o’clock. Countries have done this for about 100 years. At some point, most of the world has tested with it. In fact, from 1986 to 1991, China used daylight saving time. By having another hour of sunlight, you can save___20___by not needing to turn the lights on. Also, it can help the economy (经济), as people enjoy shopping when it is brighter. But people think it disrupts (打乱) sleeping habits. And because mornings are darker, the___21___of people getting to work and school is a problem. 16. A. change B. stop C. pass

17. A. sleep B. sports C. sunlight 18. A. shorter B. longer C. slower 19. A. back B. up C. forward 20. A. money B. energy C. time 21. A. life B. tradition C. safety 【答案】16. A 17. C 18. B 19. A 20. B 21. C 【解析】试题分析:这篇说明文介绍了夏时制的来历和它的优点,介绍了试用夏时制的几个国家。同时对 夏时*岬贾碌奈侍獗硎玖说S恰
18. 句意:但当冬天来临时,你会发现黑暗和我们在一起的时间更长。考查形容词比较级辨析题。A. shorter 更短的;B. longer 更长的;C. slower 更慢的。根据生活实际,结合句意语境,可知 AC 两项意思都不合 文意,故选 B。 19. 句意:为了解决这个问题,这些国家把时钟拨回一个小时: 1 点回到 12 点。考查副词辨析题。根据前 文 move the time forward one hour: 12 o’clock becomes 1 o’clock.,结合句意语境,可知此处是往 回拨,和 forward 相反,需用 back,故选 A。
点睛:完型填空是难度最大的题。它集阅读理解、语法、词法、句法于一体。是考查语言综合运用的能力 的一道题。解题的方法第一要带着空,通读文章,搞清事件发生的背景。紧紧抓住上下文语境所提供的信 息,充分利用各种线索,语法知识,以及句子之间的关系,词的搭配,结合上下文背景语境,结合句意选择 适合语境的选项。

9.【2018 年四川省乐山市】Once upon a time, there lived a kind king. But the king was also very___22___. He would not do anything other than eat and sleep. He became fatter and fatter, and finally found it difficult to move his___23___– even his feet. The king invited doctors from different parts of his country to make him___24___. But no one could help the king lose weight. One day, an old man visited the country. He heard about the king’s___25___. He volunteered (自 愿) to help the king lose some weight. The king decided to let him___26___. The old man lived___27___. He said that the king had to come to him and asked the king to come for treatment the next day. But the king would have to___28___there, the old man added. The king came the next day.___29___, the old man was not there. His son asked the king to come and meet his father the next day. The king came every day for two weeks, but he never once saw the old man. But he did notice that he felt a lot___30___. He had lost some weight. He finally realized why the old man had asked him to walk so far. 22. A. lazy B. shy C. strict D. stupid 23. A. head B. eyes C. body D. hand 24. A. active B. happy C. strong D. healthy 25. A. story B. problem C. dream D. discovery 26. A. try B. start C. go D. pass 27. A. alone B. far away C. freely D. nearby 28. A. work B. move C. walk D. stay 29. A. Especially B. Suddenly C. Immediately D. Unluckily 30. A. lighter B. angrier C. happier D. busier 【答案】22. A 23. C 24. D 25. B 26. A 27. B 28. C 29. D 30. A 【解析】试题分析:这篇故事讲述了国王减肥的经历,告诉人们,坚持步行是保持健康的好方法。 22. 句意:但国王也很懒惰。考查形容词辨析题。根据下文 He would not do anything other than eat and sleep.,可知他很懒惰,故选 A。 23. 句意:他变得越来越胖,最后发现很难移动他的身体——甚至他的脚。考查名词辨析题。根据下文解 释 even his feet,可知他胖得难以移动身体,故选 C。

26. 句意:国王决定让他试一试。考查动词辨析题。A. try 尝试;B. start 开始;C. go 去;D. pass 通 过。根据句意语境,可知 try 符合文意,故选 A。 27. 句意:老人住在很远的地方。考查介词短语辨析题。根据下文 He said that the king had to come to him,结合句意语境,可知老人住的很远,故选 B。 28. 句意:但国王必须步行去那里,老人补充道。考查动词辨析题。根据最后 He finally realized why the old man had asked him to walk so far.,结合句意语境,可知老人让他走着去,故选 C。 29. 句意:不幸的是,老人不在那里。考查副词辨析题。A. Especially 尤其;B. Suddenly 突然地;C. Immediately 立刻地;D. Unluckily 不幸的是。根据句意语境,可知 Unluckily 符合句意,故选 D。 30. 句意:但他注意到他感觉轻松多了。考查形容词比较级辨析。A. lighter 更轻松的;B. angrier 更生 气的;C. happier 更幸福的;D. busier 更忙的。根据下文 He had lost some weight.,结合句意语境, 可知国王感觉更轻松了,故选 A。 10.【2018 年四川省乐山市】When was the last time you gave or received a hug? Do your parents hug you before you go to school? In Western countries, it is quite common to greet close friends or relatives with a hug. You might hug your teammates after winning a basketball game. If one of your friends is having a bad day, you can hug them to cheer them up. Friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time will usually hug each other when meeting. Of course, people in different countries have different opinions when it comes to hugging. After coming to China, I’ve noticed that people are generally more reluctant (不情愿的) to hug than they are in my home country, the US. My Chinese friends told me that hugging is considered to be very intimate (亲密的) in their culture. It usually only happens between people who are really close to each other, like couples. Chinese people don’t usually hug in public, either. But people’s attitudes (态度) towards hugging can also change. I remember watching a video story about a “hugging party” that was held in Shanghai. A local artist held the party, inviting

strangers and asking them to hug each other. The Chinese participants (参与者) clearly looked uncomfortable. However, after the party, several of them changed their minds. They decided that hugging doesn’t have to be awkward (尴尬的) and can actually be quite nice. So next time you see your mom or dad, give them a hug –see how it makes you feel. 36. What usually happens between good friends when meeting in Western countries? A. Hugging. B. Nodding. C. Shaking hands. 37. The second paragraph tells us ______. A. the advantages of hugging each other B. some situations in which people hug each other C. the reasons why friends need to hug each other 38. In Chinese culture, hugs usually happen between ______. A. friends B. classmates C. couples 39. What did people do at the “hugging party”? A. They were invited to hug each other. B. They watched a video about hugging. C. They told stories about hugging. 40. The writer wrote the last paragraph to ______. A. encourage people to be nice to strangers B. explain why people feel uncomfortable while hugging C. show how people can change their minds about hugging 【答案】36. A 37. B 38. C 39. A 40. C 【解析】试题分析:本文对中西文化对于见面礼节——拥抱——的不同进行了分析说明。 36. 题意:在西方国家,好朋友之间见面时通常会发生什么?考查细节理解题。根据 In Western countries, it is quite common to greet close friends or relatives with a hug.,可知拥抱是很常见的,故选 A。

38. 题意:在中国文化中,拥抱通常发生在

两者之间。考查细节理解题。根据 It usually only happens

between people who are really close to each other, like couples.,可知夫妻之间经常拥抱,故选 C。

39. 题意:人们在“拥抱派对”上做了什么?考查细节理解题。根据 A local artist held the party,

inviting strangers and asking them to hug each other.,可知是彼此拥抱对方,故选 A。

40. 题意:作者写了最后一段来说明

。考查细节理解题。A. encourage people to be nice to strangers

鼓励人们善待陌生人;B. explain why people feel uncomfortable while hugging 解释为什么人们在拥

抱时感到不舒服;C. show how people can change their minds about hugging 展示人们如何改变拥抱的

想法。根据 However, after the party, several of them changed their minds.,结合文中的举例,可

知是为了告诉读者人们是怎样改变对拥抱的看法的,故选 C。

11.【2018 年江苏省徐州市】What will the future world be like? Many people are glad to give

their ___16___ .Here are two imaginations about the world of ___17___. When people talk about

the future, we like to think that we'll have our own personal flying car. We would fly at 480

kilometres per hour, avoiding traffic lights,___18___ roads and speeding tickets.___19___,

some people point to the disadvantages of flying cars. One big problem is: what will happen if

the flying cars ___20___ ? Then there will be problems with traffic control. Also, if___21___

become popular, there will surely be too much air traffic.___22___ it seems that flying cars

will face more than a few problems if they are to get off the ground! .Imagine you have your own

Ironman___23___ . Several companies are trying to build a practical robot "exoskeleton". This

is a suit of robot arms and legs which follows your movement. It will___24___ the wearer to lift

heavy objects, walk a long way and even punch through walls! It is___25___ in many ways, especially

for people with disabilities. This suit might help people to walk again after___26___ or injury

(受伤).But the disadvantage at the moment is the___27___ . Even a simple suit can cost hundreds

of thousands of pounds. Another problem is battery life. A suit like this needs a lot of___28___

and batteries only last about 15 minutes at the moment. One other problem is that a badly programmed

robot wearer. You wouldn't want your robot leg or arm bending(弯曲) suit could ___29___ the

the wrong way. car above our heads,

So in the future,___30___ we might be able to fly to work and lift a there are plenty of problems to solve before this will be possible. 16. A. suggestions B. instructions C. opinions D. reasons 17. A. past B. yesterday C. present D. tomorrow 18. A. empty B. wide C. busy D. dirty 19. A. Moreover B. Instead C. In fact D. However 20. A. put down B. break down C. write down D. calm down 21. A. they B. you C. we D. I 22. A. And B. But C. So D. or 23. A. gloves B. suit C. helmet D. shoes 24. A. ask B. wish C. invite D. allow 25. A. beautiful B. peaceful C. colorful D. useful 26. A. disease B. holiday C. work D. party 27. A. quality B. price C. need D. number 28. A. chances B. power C. rest D. experience 29. A. hurt B. attract C. protect D. attack 30. A. whether B. unless C. although D. until 【答案】16. C 17. D 18. C 19. D 20. B 21. A 22. C 23. B 24. D 25. D 26. A 27. B 28. B 29. A 30. C 【解析】这篇短文给我们想象了未来世界的样子,文章中主要提到了关于未来世界的两个想象:一个是飞 行汽车;另一个是钢铁侠套装。这两种发明都有他们的优点,但同时也有很多的问题需要解决。 16. 句意:很多人都乐意给出他们的观点。suggestions 建议;instructions 指导;opinions 观点;reasons 理由。根据上句话 What will the future world be like?可知,这个问题是“未来的世界会是什么样子的?” 关于这个问题,不同的人会有不同的看法,故应选 C。 17. 句意:这里有两个关于明天世界的想象。past 过去;yesterday 昨天;present 现在;tomorrow 明天。 根据短文开头第一句话 What will the future world be like?可知,这篇短文想象的是未来的世界,故应 选 D。 18. 句意:我们每小时能飞 480 英里,避开交通灯、拥挤的道路和超速罚款单。empty 空的;wide 宽的; busy 忙的;dirty 脏的。根据文意可知,这里介绍的是 flying car 飞行车,有了它,我们就可以避免路上 交通上容易出现的问题,如交通灯、交通拥挤和超速罚款,因此这里应选 C,表示道路拥挤。

20. 句意:一个大问题是:如果飞行车坏掉了会发生什么?put down 记下,镇压;break down 坏掉; write down 写下;calm down *静下来。根据句意可知,这里说的是 flying car 的缺点,因此应该是如果 飞行车坏了该怎么办,故选 B。 21. 句意:而且如果他们变得受欢迎,那么就一定会有太多的空中交通。They 他们; you 你,你们;we 我 们;I 我。根据文意可知,这几句话介绍的是都是 flying cars,这个空代指的就是 flying cars,是复数 的,故应选 A。 22. 句意:因此好像如果飞行车想要离开地面,他们将会面对很多的问题。And 和,而且,表示并列;But 但是,表示转折;So 因此,表示结果;or 或者;否则。根据文意可知,上文提到了飞行车的优点和缺点, 这句话是对未来世界可能会出现的飞行车做一个总结,表示的是结果,故应选 C。 23. 句意:想象一下你有你自己的钢铁侠套装。gloves 手套;suit 套装;helmet 头盔;shoes 鞋。根据下 文 This suit might help people to walk again after___11___ or injury 可知,这里说的是钢铁侠套 装,故应选 B。 24. 句意:它能允许佩戴者举起重物、走很长的路,甚至穿过墙。ask 问,请求;wish 希望;invite 邀请; allow 允许。根据上句话 This is a suit of robot arms and legs which follows your movement.可知, 这种机器人的套装可以跟随你的移动,因此它 可以使你做到空后面列举的这些事情,故应选 D。 25. 句意:它在很多方面都是很有用的,尤其是对于残疾人。beautiful 美丽的;peaceful 和*的;*静 的;colorful 多彩的;useful 有用的。根据下句话 This suit might help people to walk again after___11___ or injury 可知,这种套装能帮助人,所以他们是有用的,故选 D。 26. 句意:这个套装可以帮助人们在疾病或受伤之后重新能走路。disease 疾病;holiday 假日;work 工作; party 聚会。根据句意可知,人们不能走路,原因可能是受伤了,或者是疾病导致,因应选 A。 27. 句意:但是目前的缺点就是价格。quality 质量;price 价格;need 需要;number 数字。根据下句话 Even a simple suit can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.可知,一套简单的钢铁侠套装就要花 费好几千英镑,所以它的一个缺点就是价格昂贵,故应选 B。

30. 句意:因此在未来,虽然我们可能能够飞着去*啵诖酥盎褂泻芏辔侍庖饩觥hether 是否; unless 除非,如果不;although 虽然,尽管;until 直到…时候。根据这两句话的意思可知,他们之间的 转折的关系,故应选 C。 点睛:这篇短文给我们想象了未来世界的样子,文章中主要提到了关于未来世界的两个想象:一个是飞行 汽车;另一个是钢铁侠套装。这两种发明都有他们的优点,但同时也有很多的问题需要解决。文章是一篇 科普说明文,在理解上有一定的难度,做题时,应努力抓住文章中心意思,并联系上下文的语境,捕捉关 键词,弄清楚作者的写作意图。题型是完型填空,考查学生们在具体语境中综合运用语言的能力。做题时, 应分为三步:首先阅读全文,掌握大意,理解作者的写作意图;然后逐空做题,注意空前后的搭配和上下 文的语境;最后要再读一遍短文,检查答案。例如第 2 小题,短文开头第一句话 What will the future world be like?就告诉我们,文章内容是关于未来世界的,因此这里应选 tomorrow,不仅是明天的意思,还可以 指未来。再如第 12 小题,这里介绍的是这种套装的缺点,根据下句话 Even a simple suit can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.可知,一套简单的钢铁侠套装就要花费好几千英镑,所以它的这个缺点就是价格 昂贵,故应选 B。
12.【2018 年江苏省徐州市】
Every morning, millions of people in China do Tai-chi. It is popular with women and men. Tai-chi is a good kind of exercise for old people. It is good for the body and for the mind. It is healthy and relaxing. Tai-chi is from China. It is hundreds of years old. Tai-chi is a "soft" martial art(武术).That means it is slow and calm.

There are also "hard" martial arts. Shaolin Kung-fu, for example, which has a history of over 1,500 years, is a "hard" martial art. It is fast and dangerous. You have to be very fit and strong to do "hard" martial arts.
In Beijing, Master Li Yu is teaching Shaolin Kung-fu to thirty young students, three of whom come from abroad. "Shaolin Kung-fu is difficult," said Li Yu. "You must practise every move many times."
Sports like football and basketball are also popular in China. But martial arts like Tai-chi and Kung-fu are part of Chinese culture and history. 31. How many types of martial arts does this passage tell us? A. Only one. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four. 32. What is Master Li Yu teaching? A. Tai-chi. B. Shaolin Kung-fu. C. Football. D. Basketball. 33. Which sentence is TRUE according to the passage? A. It is easy to learn Shaolin Kung-fu. B. Men like Tai-chi better than women do. C. Tai-chi has a shorter history than Shaolin Kung-fu. D. People must be very healthy and strong to do Tai-chi. 【答案】31. B 32. B 33. C 【解析】这篇短文给我们介绍了太极和少林功夫两种武术形式,太极属于“软”武术,而少林功夫属于 “硬”功夫,他们都是中国历史和文化的一部分。 31. 细节理解题。根据短文中 Tai-chi is a "soft" martial art、Shaolin Kung-fu, for example, which has a history of over 1,500 years, is a "hard" martial art.可知,这篇短文中提到了太极和少林功 夫两种武术形式,故应选 B。 32. 细节理解题。根据短文第三段中 In Beijing, Master Li Yu is teaching Shaolin Kung-fu to thirty young students, three of whom come from abroad.可知,李宇是教少林功夫的,故应选 B。

点睛:这篇短文给我们介绍了太极和少林功夫两种武术形式,太极属于“软”武术,而少林功夫属于“硬” 功夫,他们都是中国历史和文化的一部分。短文内容比较容易理解,后面的题目设置以细节理解题为主, 考查的是文章细节信息的理解。做题时,应根据题目所问,在短文中搜索有用信息作答。例如第 3 小题, 这个题目是判断题,但其实我们也是从文章细节信息中寻找线索来判断,因此四个选项我们都要从文章中 找到信息来印证他们是对是错。根据短文第一段 It is hundreds of years old.以及第三段中 Shaolin Kung-fu, for example, which has a history of over 1,500 years, is a "hard" martial art.可知, 太极有几百年的历史,而少林功夫的历史有 1500 多年,因此太极的历史比少林功夫短,故 C 是正确的。其 他三个选项也可以在短文中找到依据判断他们是错误的。 13.【2018 年云南省】Once upon a time, there was a man called Zheng.___16___lived in a small town. One day he wanted to buy himself a new pair of shoes. He measured (测量) his____17____with a ruler and then ___18___down his size on a piece of paper. After that he went shoe shopping。 When he arrived at the____19____, he reached into his pocket (口袋),___20___he found the paper was not there. So he said to the shop keeper, "I have left the paper at home and I don't know the size. I'll go back home to____21____it." With these words, he ran out of the shop。 He ran back home, found the paper and then ran to the shop again. But it took him____22____hours and the shop was____23____. He spent the afternoon on the way and did not buy his shoes at last. Someone asked him, "Did you want to buy the shoes____24____yourself?" "Of course," he answered. "Then why don't you____25____the shoes by yourself?" "I trust the ruler more than my feet." he answered. 16. A. They B. I C. She D. He 17. A. hands B. feet C. arms D. legs 18. A. wrote B. sat C. cut D. fell 19. A. post office B. fruit shop C. shoe shop D. parking lot

20. A. and B. but C. or D. so 21. A. throw B. borrow C. get D. sell 22. A. few B. a few C. little D. a little 23. A. open B. opened C. close D. closed 24. A. for B. to C. by D. with 25. A. come on B. turn on C. try on D. get on 【答案】16. D 17. B 18. A 19. C 20. B 21. C 22. B 23. D 24. A 25. C 【解析】本文讲述了一个名叫郑的男子,一天,想去给自己买一双新鞋,他先用尺子量了自己的脚,并将 尺寸写在一张纸上。他到了鞋店,发现纸忘在了家里,他回去取纸,等返回时鞋店已经关门了。别人问他 为什么不试穿鞋子,他说他更相信尺子。
18. 句意:然后把他的尺寸写在一张纸上。A. wrote 写;B. sat 坐 ;C. cut 切,砍; D. fell 打到, 砍到。根据句意 选 A 19. 句意:当他到达这家鞋店的时候,A. post office 邮局; B. fruit shop 水果店; C. shoe shop 鞋 店 ;D. parking lot 停车场。根据前句 After that he went shoe shopping。知选 C 20. 句意:他把手伸进口袋,但是发现那张纸不在那里。A. and 并且; B. but 但是 ; C. or 或者; D. so 因此。因为“he reached into his pocket”与“he found the paper was not there.”是转折关系, 故选 B。 21. 句意:我要回家去取它。A. throw 扔; B. borrow 借; C. get 取得 ; D. sell 出售。根据前文知 把写有尺码的纸忘在了家里,故回家去取那张纸,所以选 C。 22. 句意:但是花费了他几个小时的时间。A. few 修饰可数名词,含有否定的意思; B. a few 修饰可 数名词,含有肯定的意思; C. little 修饰不可数名词,含有否定的意思; D. a little 修饰不可 数名词,含有肯定的意思。 Hours 是可数名词,根据句意及 few, little 的用法,选 B. 23. 句意:商店关门了。A. open 开,动词原形 B. opened 开,过去式 C. close 关,动词原形 D. closed 关,过去式。本文是在讲过去发生的故事,排除 A,C;根据下句知选 D。

14.【2018 年浙江省湖州市】In San Francisco, I had this amazing experience. While I was waiting for the bus, I saw a homeless person carrying a___1___which said that he would like a cup of hot coffee.
As soon as I ___2___it, I knew it was time for me to carry out the task. I joyfully ran across the street, thinking that getting ___3___a cup of hot coffee would be great. I went to Uncle Bob's nearby and asked the young lady behind the counter to give me a ___4___. I then walked back to the street corner where the man had ___5___As I went up to him. I could see that the ___6___I got, the more joy in his eyes I could see. When I ___7___him the hot coffee, I just said, "This is___8___you, my dear. "I could see so much ___9___in his face and even a tear (眼泪) was running down. He kept thanking me and holding his coffee like the biggest ___10___and prize in his life. It made me cry that a(n)___11___action can bring so much joy and make someone feel really warm. I walked back to the ___12___with such a happy hop. When the bus driver opened the door and I wanted to pay the bus fee, ___13___, he waved me through and said, "Honey, you don't need to pay. This is on me. " He explained that it ___14___ his heart to see that I gave away free coffee. This ___15___moment was the warmest in my heart and it gave my day and my life a brand new start. It brings me such a joy to simply love and bless. 1. A. poster B. notice C. picture D. sign 2. A. reached B. read C. faced D. held 3. A. me B. you C. her D. him 4. A. ticket B. hand C. coffee D. prize 5. A. stayed B. visited C. shared D. expected 6. A. better B. closer C. farther D. more 7. A. showed B. sold C. handed D. made 8. A. for B. with C. from D. about 9. A. sadness B. worry C. joy D. hope

10. A. lesson B. treasure C. secret D. chance 11. A. unusual B. simple C. strange D. careless 12. A. homeless person B. young lady C. coffee shop D. bus stop 13. A. in the end B. in fact C. to my surprise D. to be honest 14. A. took B. touched C. broke D. controlled 15. A. lucky B. interesting C. amazing D. successful 【答案】1. D 2. B 3. D 4. C 5. A 6. B 7. C 8. A 9. C 10. B 11. B 12. D 13. C 14. B 15. C 【解析】本文主要描述了作者在圣弗兰西斯科的令人惊奇的经历。它带给作者一种单纯的爱和祝福的喜悦。 1. 句意:在我等车的时候,我看到了一个无家可归的人拿着一个指示牌上面写着他想要一杯热咖啡。本题 考查名词词义辨析。A. poster 海报 ; B. notice 通知 ; C. picture 图片 ;D. sign 迹象; 符号; 手 势; 指示牌。根据句意选 D
4. 句意:我去了附*最好的餐馆,叫柜台后面的那个女士给我一杯咖啡。. A. ticket 票 ; B. hand 手 ; C. coffee 咖啡 ; D. prize 奖金。由上文 thinking that getting ___3___a cup of hot coffee would be great.知选 C 5. 句意:然后我走回那个人呆的角落。A. stayed 停留 ;居住 B. visited 参观 ; C. shared 分享 ; D. expected 期望。根据句意选 A。 6. 句意:当我走向他的时候,我能看到我越走*他,他眼中的喜悦越多。该句是比较级连用表示“越 来···越···” A. better 比较好; B. closer 比较*; C. farther 比较远 ; D. more 比较多, 由_As I went up to him.知选 B 7. 句意:当我递给他咖啡的时候,本题考查动词词义。. A. showed 出示 ; B. sold 卖 ;C. handed 递 ; D. made 制造,做。根据情景选 C 8. 句意:亲爱的,这是给你的。A. for 为,为了 ; B. with 用 ; C. from 来自 ;D. about 关于。本 题考查介词词义。根据句意选 A。

11. 句意:它使我哭了,这么简单的一个动作,能带来这么大的快乐,使人感到真正的警戒。. A. unusual 不同寻常的 ; B. simple 简单的; C. strange 奇怪的 ;D. careless 粗心的。作者认为只是给了一杯 咖啡,这样一个 “简单的”动作,就使得这个人如此感动。故选 B。 12. 句意:我高兴地蹦跳着回到公交车站。A. homeless person 无家可归的人; B. young lady 年轻的 女士 ; C. coffee shop 咖啡店 ; D. bus stop 公共汽车站。根据下文 When the bus driver opened the door 知选 D。 13. 句意:当司机打开门,我想付车费时,他挥手示意我通过并且说:. A. in the end 最后 ;B. in fact 事实上;C. to my surprise 使我惊讶的是; D. to be honest 说实话。作者认为上车付费是应该的,而 司机却“挥手示意我通过” 使我惊讶,所以选 C 14. 句意:他解释道我免费送咖啡触动了他的心。A. took 取 ,拿走 ;B. touched 触动; C. broke 打 碎,打破 ; D. controlled 控制。司机被作者的举动所感动,不收作者的车费,故选 B。 15. 句意:这个令人惊异的时刻在我心中是最温暖的。A. lucky 幸运的; B. interesting 有趣的 ;C. amazing 令人惊异的; D. successful 成功的。本句与文章的开头相呼应,故选 C。 15.【2018 年浙江省衢州市】It was two days before Christmas, and David wanted to give a card to everyone in his class. He opened the bag and looked ____1____. "What are you looking for? his mom asked. "Ms. Ross gave us a ____2____ of everyone in the class, "said David. "I can't find mine. If I don t have my list, I won't know what names to put on the cards." "Take ____3____ out and we'll look together," suggested Mom. They shook out all his books and ____4____ all the pockets in his bag, but no Christmas list. "Now I can't give out cards at school, "David said sadly. "Don't ____5____ so easily, said Mom. She took a piece of paper and asked him how many children are in his class. "Seventeen," answered David "I'll never ____6____ them all." "Wait, "said Mom, numbering the paper one to seventeen." Now, who do you often play with? ""Brian, Todd and John. "She wrote down their ____7____. "And who sits in the first row in your

classroom?”“Hmm…Angie, Jill and Brad." David tried to remember what his ____8____ looked like and who sat where, " And Rebecca, Travis and Erin in the second row." David's mom wrote as fast as she could. Now, they had ____9____ names. Who had he missed? David thought hard. "Why don't you write out the ____10____ that you have names for?" said Mom. "Maybe you'll think of the ____11____ name while you're writing." David picked out a card. He ____12____ it and then put it into the envelope. He did this sixteen times. "____13____ is missing?" One more time he thought about who sat where in his classroom. ____14____ he said, "I know! I know who is missing from the list!" "who?" said Mom. "We forgot ____15____!" David said. "I'm going to wish me a Merry Christmas, too. 1. A. outside B. inside C. down D. up 2. A. list B. note C. book D. bill 3. A. something B. everything C. more D. less 4. A. checked B. touched C. found D. cleaned 5. A. get on B. get off C. give up D. give back 6. A. remember B. understand C. accept D. believe 7. A. rules B. numbers C. names D. addresses 8. A. bedroom B. study C. school D. classroom 9. A. fifteen B. sixteen C. seventeen D. eighteen 10. A. posters B. letters C. cards D. messages 11. A. missing B. interesting C. common D. strange 12. A. signed B. drew C. watched D. enjoyed 13. A. What B. Whose C. Which D. Who 14. A. Sadly B. Suddenly C. Secretly D. Unluckily 15. A. you B. him C. her D. me 【答案】1. B 2. A 3. B 4. A 5. C 6. A 7. C 8. D 9. B 10. C 11. A 12. A 13. D 14. B 15. D 【解析】这则小故事讲了圣诞节临*但 David 却丢失了班级的名单,写卡片时忘记同学姓名,妈妈帮助指 导他最后终于靠自己努力把同学名字包括自己的名字全部想起来的故事。

1. 句意:他打开了包朝里面看了看。A.外面 B.里面 C.下面 D.上面,打开书包后肯定是朝里面看看,故选 B 2. 句意:Ross 女士给了我们一份我们全班人员的清单。A.清单 B.笔记 C.书 D.账单。从后面的 I don t have my list 得知这里他是在找清单,故选 A
5. 句意:不要如此轻易地放弃。A.上车 B.下车 C.放弃 D.送回,这里是妈妈的鼓励,故选 C 6. 句意:我不会把他们都记住的。A.记得 B.理解 C.接受 D.相信,这是 David 的回答,他是回忆不起所有 的同学的名字的,故选 A 7. 句意:她写下了他们的名字。A.规则 B.数字 C.名字 D.地址,这里是在妈妈问完 David 经常玩耍的朋友 后写下的东西 ,应该是他们的名字,故选 C 8. 句意:David 尽力记起他的教室的样子以及谁坐在那里。A.卧室 B.书房 C.学校 D.教室,这里是在回忆 他的教室及其人员布局,故选 D 9. 句意:现在,他们有 16 个名字了,A.15 B.16 C.17 D.18,从后面的 Who had he missed?反推出就剩一 个名字了,所以这里他们应该解决了 16 个名字,故选 B 10. 句意:为什么你不把已经有名字的卡片写出来呢?A.海报 B.信 C.卡片 D.信息,这时已经有了 16 张卡 片,妈妈建议他先开始写卡片,故选 C 11. 句意:可能你会在你写的时候想起那个遗忘的名字。A.忘记的 B.有趣的 C.普通的 D.奇怪的,这时只有 16 张卡片,所以还有一个遗忘的名字,妈妈劝他边写边想,故选 A。 12. 句意:他签了它然后把它放进了一个信封。A.签署 B.画画 C.观看 D.享受,在放入信封前他应该做的是 签名,其它选项不合语境,故选 A 13. 句意:谁是忘掉的那个呢?A.什么 B.谁的 C.哪一个 D.谁,这里是他内心的思考,在想是“谁”被忘记 了,故选 D

点睛:本篇完形填空的第 9 题是关于人数的计算,第一次遇到本题可能会去直接到前文中寻找已经完成了 多少个人名的回忆和书写,但是发现怎么找也数不到四个选项中的人数,这个时候说明之前采取的策略有 误,完形填空的答案一定是有依据的,这说明之前的依据有错,这是再进行仔细寻找,发现了 Who had he missed?这句话,这就说明一定是忘了谁,然后再结合文章末尾,发现忘记的是自己,所以那时应该是只有 16 个人的名字,答案就能出来了。这说明完形填空需要结合文章意义,不能无中生有。 16.【2018 年浙江省温州市】It was a Sunday morning. Lori was busy writing in her book. Marilyn was drinking coffee and I was reading a newspaper. Suddenly, Lori looked up and asked," Why are there more pictures of Lisa than there are of___11___?"Lisa is our older daughter.
I stared back, not understanding the___12___. Lori left the room. I looked at Marilyn, "Are there more pictures of Lisa than of Lori?"
"I've never___13___them. I don't know,” replied Marilyn. "But___14___would Lori ask such a question? " I asked. After a few minutes of thought Marilyn said, "When Lisa was born, you were taking photos. You hardly went___15___without a camera. When Lori was born videos became___16___. You used a video camera to record nearly everything in our life. There must be hundreds of videos of Lori in the computer that Lori has___17___seen or doesn’t remember." Late that night, when we were alone, I turned on the computer and found the___18___about Lori. “What are you going to do?” Marilyn asked. "Her birthday is coming," I said, "Let's make an album for her as a gift. I don't know if the album will answer her question, but at least she'll know that we___19___enough to find her an answer." Over the next few days, we secretly___20___all the videos. We watched and selected until we were ___21___. Marilyn had them made into photos. When the photos were returned, we placed them into an album. When we looked at the album, all the sweet memories came___22___. We hoped it showed how___23___she was to us.

On June 7, when passing Loris room to leave for work. I opened the door and slipped the album inside. Attached to it was a birthday card with a note___24___why her mother and I had put the album together.
It was about eight o'clock when my office telephone rang. I picked up the receiver. A tiny voice spoke, "I love you, Daddy," she said and disconnected. I knew our___25___had been received. 11. A. him B. her C. me D. them 12. A. question B. book C. newspaper D. answer 13. A. seen B. counted C. taken D. bought 14. A. where B. how C. when D. why 15. A. anywhere B. everywhere C. somewhere D. nowhere 16. A. popular B. effective C. expensive D. obvious 17. A. ever B. never C. already D. just 18. A. emails B. pictures C. news D. videos 19. A. respect B. benefit C. care D. regret 20. A. took up B. pointed out C. went through D. handed in 21. A. relaxed B. satisfied C. active D. lucky 22. A. back B. down C. off D. on 23. A. kind B. helpful C. proud D. important 24. A. discussing B. comparing C. explaining D. importing 25. A. message B. prize C. memory D. view 【答案】11. C 12. A 13. B 14. D 15. A 16. A 17. B 18. D 19. C 20. C 21. B 22. A 23. D 24. C 25. A
12. 句意:我瞪大了眼睛看回去,没有理解这个问题。A.问题 B.书 C.报纸 D.回答,前面是 Lori 问了一个 问题,这里是说我没懂那个问题,故选 A。

13. 句意:我从来没数过它们。A.看见 B.数 C.拿 D.买。这里的“them”指的是“照片”,是说 Marilyn 从 来没数过照片的数量,故选 B。 14. 句意:为什么 Lori 会问那样一个问题呢?A.哪里 B.如何 C.什么时候 D.为什么。这里表示的是我的 纳闷,我的疑问,对 Lori 的问题的不解,选择疑问词“why”提问原因,故选 D。 15. 句意:不带照相机你几乎不会去任何地方。A.任何地方 B.每个地方 C.某处 D.无处。这里是说“我”去 哪都带着照相机,“hardly”表示“几乎不”,我“几乎不会去任何地方(anywhere)”,如果不带相机 的话。故选 A。
18. 句意:那天晚上,当我们独自一人的时候,我打开电脑,发现了关于 Lori 的视频。A.电子邮件 B.图片 C.新闻 D.视频。前面说电脑里一定有很多关于 Lori 的视频,所以这里就是指我打开电脑看视频,故选 D。 19. 句意:我不知道这本相册是否会回答她的问题,但至少她会知道我们很在意为她找到答案。A.尊重 B. 受益 C.关心 D.遗憾。对于“回答 Lori 的问题”这件事“我”很看重,想做一个相册让她知道“我们”其 实还是很在乎(care)的。故选 C。 20. 句意:在接下来的几天里,我们秘密地回顾了所有的视频。A.拿起 B.指出 C.经历,回顾 D.递交。这里 是说我们在为制作相册/专辑做准备,视频很多,所以我需要“过”一遍,这里使用“go through”来表达 这个意思。故选 C。 21. 句意:我们观看并选择,直到我们都满意。A.放松的 B.满意的 C.积极的 D.幸运的。这里是说我们一直 在挑选,肯定要做到我们都满意为止,故选 B。 22. 句意:当我们看着这张专辑时,所有甜蜜的回忆都回来了。A.返回 B.向下 C.离开 D.在…上。“come back”指的是“回来了”,这里是说看到专辑,我们就会回忆起以前那些往事,那些回忆自然就“回来了”, 故选 A。 23. 句意:我们希望它展示出她对我们是多么的重要。A.善良的 B. 有帮助的 C.骄傲的 D.重要的。“it” 在这里指“相册”,“she”指的是“Lori”,我们想通过相册表达我们心中 Lori 的重要性,故选 D。

点睛:本篇完形填空的第 10 题的 go through 可能第一眼看到想到的是“经历”的意思,可能把它和“视 频”放在一起有点不搭,可能会导致错过正确答案,其实要仔细品味这个短语,把视频“经历”一遍就是 过了一遍,回顾了一遍,这句话的意思是:在接下来的几天里,我们秘密地回顾了所有的视频。这里是说 我们在为制作相册/专辑做准备。
17.【2018 年浙江省义乌市】
My son Daniel began surfing at the age of 13. After school each day he put on his wet suit and waited to be challenged by three-to-six-foot waves. Daniel’s love for the ride was tested one___1___afternoon. “Your son’s been in an accident,” the lifeguard(救生员) reported to my___2___Mike over the phone hurriedly. “___3___he came up to the top of the water, the point of the board was headed toward his eye.” Mike rushed our son to the hospital. He___4___26 stitches(缝合) from the corner of his eye to the bridge of his nose. I was___5___home from a meeting while Daniel’s eye was being stitched. Mike drove___6___to the airport after they left the doctor’s office. He greeted___7___at the gate while Daniel was waiting in the car. “Daniel?” I questioned. I remember thinking the___8___must have been terrible that day.

“He’s been in an accident, but he’s going to be fine.” Mike comforted me. I ran to the car. My son reached out both arms, crying, “Oh, Mom, I’m so glad you’re home.” I sobbed(抽泣) in his arms, telling him how___9___I felt about not being there when the lifeguard called. “It’s okay, Mom,” he said. “I’ll be fine. The doctor said I can go back in the water in eight days.” Was he___10___? I wanted to tell him that he wasn’t allowed to go near water again until he was 35, but___11___I controlled myself. He kept asking me to let him go back on the___12___for the next seven days. One day after I___13___“No” to him for the 100th time, he beat me at my own game. “Mom, you taught us never to___14___what we love.” I gave in. Back then Daniel was just a boy with deep___15___for surfing. Now he is among the top 25 surfers in the world. 1. A. unusual B. boring C. amazing D. relaxing 2. A. brother B. uncle C. husband D. father 3. A. If B. When C. Unless D. Though 4. A. avoided B. changed C. received D. discovered 5. A. flying B. driving C. boating D. walking 6. A. suddenly B. happily C. comfortably D. directly 7. A. her B. them C. us D. me 8. A. waves B. dreams C. clouds D. suggestions 9. A. brave B. lucky C. awful D. proud 10. A. busy B. crazy C. friendly D. polite 11. A. instead B. already C. even D. often 12. A. plane B. bed C. board D. chair 13. A. posted B. offered C. threw D. repeated 14. A. find out B. give up C. hand out D. pick up 15. A. love B. fear C. sadness D. regret 【答案】1. A 2. C 3. B 4. C 5. A 6. D 7. D 8. A 9. C 10. B 11. A 12. C 13. D 14. B 15. A

【解析】这篇短文给我们讲述了作者的儿子 Daniel 喜欢冲浪,在经历了一次意外的事故之后,Daniel 并没 有放弃他喜爱的事情,作者也没有阻止他,最后 Daniel 成为了世界上排名前 25 的冲浪者之一。 1. 句意:Daniel 对这项运动的热爱在一个不寻常的下午受到了考验。unusual 不寻常的;boring 令人厌 烦的;amazing 令人吃惊的;relaxing 令人放松的。根据下文 Your son' s been in an accident…. He___4___26 stitches(缝合) from the corner of his eye to the bridge of his nose 可知,在那个 下午,Daniel 在冲浪的时候出了事故,所以这对他是一个考验,故应选 A。
3. 句意:当他来到水面上的时候,滑板的尖冲向了他的眼睛。If 如果;When 当….时候;Unless 除非, 如果不;Though 虽然,尽管。根据句意可知,这里叙述 Daniel 出的事故,当他来到水面的时候,滑板的尖 扎了他的眼睛。因此应选 B,when 引导时间状语从句。 4. 句意:从眼角到鼻梁他缝了 26 针。avoided 避免;changed 改变;received 收到;discovered 发现。 根据句意可知,这句话说的是 Daniel 受伤,缝了 26 针,故 A、B、D 的意思都不合适,应选 C。 5. 句意:当 Daniel 的眼睛在缝针的时候,我从一场会议上飞回了家。flying 飞;driving 开车;boating 坐船;walking 走路,步行。根据下文 Mike drove___6___to the airport after they left the doctor’s office.可知,作者的丈夫开车去机场接她,由此我们可以知道作者是坐飞机回家,故选 A。 6. 句意:在他们离开了医生的办公室之后,Mike 开车去了机场。suddenly 突然;happily 开心地; comfortably 舒适地;directly 直接地。根据文意可知,Mike 和 Daniel 离开医生办公室之后直接去机场接 作者,故应选 D。 7. 句意:当 Daniel 在汽车里等的时候,他在大门口问候了我。her 她;them 他们;us 我们;me 我。根 据文意可知,作者的丈夫开车去机场接她,所以这里应该是向她问候。故应选 D。 8. 句意:我想起来那天的浪头一定非常的可怕。waves 浪;dreams 梦想;clouds 云;suggestions 建议。 根据上文 After school each day he put on his wet suit and waited to be challenged by three-to-six-foot waves 可知,Daniel 喜欢冲浪,挑战 3 到 6 英尺高的浪头。而那天 Daniel 出事了,说 明那天的浪头非常的可怕,故应选 A。 9. 句意:我在他的怀抱里抽泣,告诉他救生员在打电话的时候我不在场,我感觉是多么懊悔。brave 勇敢 的;lucky 幸运的;awful 可怕的,糟糕的;proud 骄傲的。根据句意可知,Daniel 出事了,而作为母亲, 作者没有在场,所以她感到很糟糕,故应选 C。

10. 句意:他疯了吗?我想告诉他直到他 35 岁的时候他才能被允许再次靠*水。busy 忙碌的;crazy 疯狂 的;friendly 友好的;polite 有礼貌的。根据上文 I'll be fine. The doctor said can go back in the water in eight days.,Daniel 想八天后就再去冲浪,而下句话 I wanted to tell him that he wasn’t allowed to go near water again until he was 35 告诉我们,作者是想让他到 35 岁的时候才能再去冲浪, 所以作者认为 Daniel 的这个想法很疯狂,故选 B。 11. 句意:但是相反的我控制住了我自己。instead 相反地;already 已经;even 甚至;often 经常。根 据句中 but 表示转折可知,作者没有把她想的说出来,而是控制住了自己,所以这里表示相反的情况,故 选 A。 12. 句意:在接下来的七天里他不断的请求我让他玩冲浪板。plane 飞机;bed 床;board 滑板;冲浪板; chair 椅子。根据文意可知,这里是 Daniel 请求我的同意,让他去冲浪,所以这里是 go back on the board (冲浪板),故选 C。 13. 句意:一天在我重复说“不”一百次之后,他用我自己的游戏规则说服了我。posted 邮寄;offered 提 供;threw 扔掉;repeated 重复。根据句中…for the 100th time 可知,作者一直拒绝 Daniel 的请求, 所以是重复说“不”,故选 D。 14. 句意:“妈妈,你教我们永远不要放弃我们所爱的东西。” find out 发现,查明;give up 放弃;hand out 分发;pick up 拾起,捡起。根据文意可知,Daniel 用作者教给他的道理来说服作者,也就是不要放弃 自己喜爱的事情,故应选 B。
点睛:这篇短文给我们讲述了作者的儿子 Daniel 喜欢冲浪,在经历了一次意外的事故之后,Daniel 并没有 放弃他喜爱的事情,作者也没有阻止他去做他喜欢的事,最后 Daniel 成为了世界上排名前 25 的冲浪者之 一。短文是一篇记叙文,以叙事为主,比较容易掌握大意。题型是完型填空,考查学生们在具体语境中运 用语言的能力,综合性较强,学生们既需要具备阅读理解和推理的能力,还应熟悉词汇的用法。做题时, 应按照三个步骤进行:首先通读短文,掌握大意。文章首句常不设空,因此要从这里获取尽可能多的信息, 并根据所获取信息进行合理推测;接下来逐一做题,注意选项中四个单词的词义对比以及与空前后的固定 搭配,并根据上下文的语境做题;最后应再读一遍短文,检查答案是否为最佳。例如第 2 小题,考查名词 的用法,根据下文的提示 Mike rushed our son to the hospital.可知,Daniel 是作者和 Mike 的儿子, 由此可知,Mike 是作者的丈夫,故选 C。再如第 12 小题,Daniel 受伤之后,作者不想再让他去冲浪,但

Daniel 一再请求,所以这里是他想回到冲浪板上,即继续去冲浪,故应选 C。
专题 13 书面表达

1.【2018 年江西中考】 假如国外中学生来你校进行为期一周的交流学*,期间计划参加一项中国传统文 化的主题活动,为此向你们征求活动方案(plan)请你根据下面表格中的信息提示,写一篇英语短文,介绍你 提供的活动方案,内容包括:茶或者民乐介绍,活动安排以及与之相关的理由。
要求:1.从表格中任选一个主题,合理安排活动; 2.短文条理清楚,行文连贯,内容可适当发挥; 3.短文中不能出现真实的人名和地名; 4.词数不少于 80,开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

Chinese Culture





Places: tea farm, tea house

Past and




1. tea processing

2. a tea art performance


Music pieces Places: music room, school hall






1. take musical instrument



2. attend a folk music concert

Hello, friends. I've got a plan for you which may help you learn about Chinese culture. First of all, I'd like to introduce _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

______________________________________________________________________________ Hope you will have a good time. 【答案】Hello, friends. I've got a plan for you which may help you learn about Chinese culture.
First of all, I'd like to introduce tea. It has a long history. It is said that Shen Nong discovered it as a drink. Tea is one of the most popular drinks in China. So we will have some interesting activities about it for you. On Saturday morning, you are going to visit a big farm where you can learn about tea processing. On Saturday afternoon, you are going to a tea house after dinner where you can watch a tea art performance. Why do we plan a visit to a tea house for you? Because you can lean a lot more about tea culture there. You will see a young lady in a Chinese traditional dress who shows you how a cup of tea is made with tea sets, You can enjoy it and relax yourselves while listening to pieces of traditional folk music. Hope you will have a good time.
点睛:书面表达题既不是汉译英,也不是可任意发挥的作文。它要求将所规定的材料内容经整理后展开思 维,考查运用所学英语知识准确表达意思的能力。所以,考生不能遗漏要点,要尽量使用自己熟悉的单词、 短语和句式,尽可能使用高级词汇和较复杂的句式结构以便得到较高的分数。 2.【2018 年内蒙古包头市中考】假设你是李华,请给你们的美籍教师 Bob 写一封电子邮件,向他简要介绍你 校即将举办的英语文化节( English Culture Festival),邀请他参加本次活动,并请他在节目最后做一个关 于如何学好英语的讲座。
邮件还应包括以下内容: 1.活动时间:本周五下午 14:30-17:30;

2.活动地点:报告厅( Lecture Hall); 3 活动内容:学生演唱英文歌曲… 注意:1.词数 90 左右,开头和结尾已经写好,不计入总词数;
2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.文中不得出现反映考生信息的真实人名、地名等内容。 Dear Bob, How is it going? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Looking forward to your reply. Yours, Li Hua 【答案】Dear Bob, How is it going? An English Culture Festival will be held in our school. All of us students do hope that you could come and join us. The activity will begin in the Lecture Hall at 14: 30 this Friday ant last about 3 hours. We've prepared many programs for it, for example, English songs. What's more, some students will perform plays in English. As you know, many students in our school have difficulty in learning English well. So when the performance finishes, it would be very nice if you could give a talk and provide us with some practical advice. Looking forward to your reply. Yours, Li hua

点睛:首先认真审题,看清题目中的要求和要点;然后根据提示内容,列出写作要点及每个要点中可能要 用到的表达;然后紧扣要点,动笔写作,在写作过程中,要注意句与句、段与段之间的过渡,必要时可运 用适当的连词,使文章过渡*稳,自然流畅;最后要细心复核检查,确保正确无误。 3.【2018 年山东德州市中考】树立自我保护意识,健康快乐地成长是每个青少年的必修课。下面是某地关 心下一代工作委员会为青少年编写的《青少年自我保护健康成长所手册》的部分内容。作为一名中学生, 写一篇文章,内容包括:①陈树你是怎样践行手册中提及的三条事项的;②补.充.至.少.一.条.你认为重要的其 他事项。
要求:1.语言通顺,要点齐全,意思连贯,条理清楚,书写规范; 2.文中不得出现真实的姓名和学校名称; 3.80~100 词,文章开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 Self-protection is one of the most important skills for teenagers. But how do I protect myself and grow up healthily? Now let me share my experiences and ideas with you. First, I always obey the traffic rules

In short, if we obey the rules and take care of ourselves, we will grow up safely and healthily. 【答案】Self-protection is one of the most important skills for teenagers. But how do I protect myself and grow up healthily? Now let me share my experiences and ideas with you. First, I always obey the traffic rules and I never run the red light. When the traffic light is red, I won’t go until it turns green. I always cross the zebra walk because it’s safe. Second, I often eat healthily and safely. It’s important to eat more fruit and vegetables. Eating too much fast food will do harm to my body. Third, I never meet strangers alone, especially friends who I make on the Internet. At the same time if we are true friends, we should help each other. What’s more, I’d like to give you some advice. Now summer is coming, it’s dangerous for us to swim alone, especially in deep lakes or river. So don’t do that. In short, if we obey the rules and take care of ourselves, we will grow up safely and healthily.
亮点说明: 1. 本文书写的内容完整、条理清楚。 2. 在文中使用了 First,Second,Third 等词汇,使文章层次分明。易于理解。 3. 作者所加的一条很好,防溺水,是当今安全隐患最大的。同时还运用了句型 It’s dangerous for us to do sth. 使文章增色不少。因此本文为上等之作。 4.【2018 年山东济宁地区中考】某英文网站的“ Student Life”栏目正在向中学生征文,标题为“ A time when I made someone happy”,请你写一篇英文稿件,内容需包括以下要点: 1. Who was the person you made happy? 2. When was it? 3. What did you say or do? 4. Why did it make him/her happy? 5. How did you feel at that moment? 注意:1.词数:100 左右(题目不计入总词数)。

2.文中不得出现可能透考生真实身份的任何信息。 【答案】Last summer,though it was hot,I volunteered to teach children English in rural area.When I arrived there,I couldn't adjust to the weather and life style.However,as time went by,I found myself quite happy when I saw the students I was teaching made great progress.In order to teach them,I had to keep on learning as well.As a result,my English improved a lot.Also,I made friends with some of my students.We are still keeping in touch by letter now. In a word,not only did I help those in need,but also I myself learn a lot that summer.If I have another chance to do volunteer work,I am ready to go. 【解析】写作分析:这是一篇给定标题的材料作文,需要逐条完成要点问题的回答,描述一次自己让别人 开心快乐的经历,是一篇记叙文,首先要读懂 5 个问题,其次要用恰当的语言和衔接手段把这五个问题的 回答联系在一起,变成一篇短文,同时也要注意在描述过去的故事的时候要正确运用过去时态。 5.【2018 年山东聊城地区中考】假如你要竞选你班的体育委员,请你用英语进行竞选演讲。演讲的主要内 容包括: 1.自己喜欢体育,身体健康; 2.擅长球类运动,尤其是足球和篮球; 3.可以传授运动技艺,助大家比赛取得最佳成绩。 注意: 1.词数:80 左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.演讲内容中不得出现真实的学校和个人名字; 4.演讲的开头已给出,不计入总词数。 I want to be the PE monitor. _________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 【答案】I want to be the PE monitor. I enjoy sport, and I can run very fast. I’m really fit and healthy. Just watch me in the playground between lessons! I play most ball games well. But I’m really good at football, and I play basketball in the school team. Because I have a lot of good playing skills. I usually get the best score in every match. I can teach you some if you like. Choose me for the PE monitor and you can get the best score too!

6.【2018 年山东省青岛】现在,中学生在校内能保证一定时间的运动量,但在校外普遍缺少运动甚至不运动。 请就 此现象写一篇短文,谈谈你的看法。内容包括: 1. 缺少运动甚至不运动的原因; 2. 缺少运动甚至不运动对学生的影响; 3. 针对这种现象提出合理的改*ㄒ椤 要求:1. 词数:80—100(开头已给出,不计入总词数); 2. 文中不得出现真实的校名和人名。 参考词汇:be short of 缺少 Many students are short of exercise in their spare time now 【答案】Many students are short of exercise in their spare time now.They think doing exercise can affect their studies.Therefore they have less time to study.Doing sports is good for their health. A person who takes exercises regularly will keep fit. In the school, students are forced to take exercise in the PE class, they need to join certain activities.In this way, students live in a healthy lifestyle, they won’t get sick easily.But after they leaving school, no one forces them to do so, so they are lazy to take exercise so that their bodies get weaker. I think students should take exercise every day outside the school.In a word, exercise is helpful, important and absolutely necessary.
7.【2018 年山东省威海市】 “照镜子”是生活中的*常事,以生活为镜,可以照出现实中真实的自己。请 以“Me in the mirror”为题,写一篇 80 词以上的英语短文。围绕自己最突出的一至两个优点和缺点, 重点谈谈在未来的生活和学*中如何扬长避短、完善自我,成长为更好的自己。 要求:1.题目已给出,不计入总词数; 2.观点正确、条理清晰、表达流畅; 3.文中不得出现自己的真实姓名和学校名称。

【答案】Me in the mirror Looking at myself in the mirror, I know I am an outgoing girl. I like to make friends and I'm always ready to help them. So I'm very popular in my school. But I have a big problem, I'm less interested in my lessons and I can t concentrate in class. In my spare time I spend too much time on computer games, so I don' t get good grades which make my parents disappointed. When I go to senior high school I hope to get along well with my classmates and try to make more friends. I hope we can help each other and learn from each other. I will make a good study resolution and try my best to go for it. I decide to have a healthier lifestyle. I'll spend more time on my schoolwork and develop good learning habits. I will concentrate more in class and finish my study tasks carefully. What's more, I will read more books and master good leaning methods. I hope to make great progress and make my parents proud of me.
【高分句型一】 I'm less interested in my lessons and I can’ t concentrate in class. 我对功课不太感兴趣,上 课也不能集中精力。be interested in 短语的使用,使文章增色不少。 【高分句型二】 In my spare time I spend too much time on computer games, so I don' t get good grades which make my parents disappointed. 业余时间,我花太多的时间在电脑游戏上,所以我没有取得好成绩,这使我的 父母很失望。which make my parents disappointed. 是由 which 引导的定语从句。 【高分句型三】 I will concentrate more in class and finish my study tasks carefully. 我将集中精力在课堂上, 认真完成我的学*任务。说明作者在后来认识到了错误,而努力学*。 8.【2018 年陕西省中考】假如你是李华,上周日你独自在家照看你五岁的妹妹 Nana,请根据表格内容,写一篇

短文。 活动 感受

上午 中午 下午 ……

讲故事,唱歌,…… 煮面(cook noodles),休息(have a rest),…… 玩游戏,看动画片(watch cartoons)……

要求:1.参考表格内容,可适当发挥; 2.语句通顺,意思连贯,书写工整; 3.文章不得出现任何真实信息(姓名、校名和地名等); 4.词数:不少于 70 词。(开头已给出但不计入总词数。) Last Sunday, my parents were not at home, so I looked after my 5-year-old sister Nana at home.
_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 【答案】Last Sunday, my parents were not at home, so I looked after my 5-year-old sister Nana at home. In the morning, I told her many funny stories first. Then we sang and danced happily together. I also taught her to speak a few simple English words and she learned well. At noon, I cooked noodles with tomatoes and eggs. She said they were delicious. I was very glad that she enjoyed the lunch. Then we had a rest. In the afternoon, we played games together. After that, we watched cartoons until my parents came back. I felt tired but happy.

写作亮点:善于分段,可以用首段进行概括性描述,阐明背景(my parents were not at home)。第二段 可以进一步开始细节描述。涉及到的短语有 told her many funny stories,sang and danced happily, taught her to speak a few simple English words,cooked noodles,had a rest 等等,使用短语的时

候也有亮点,能够通过副词 happily 或者介词短语 with tomatoes and eggs 让动词短语的含义更加丰富。 文章最后收尾简洁,用一句话点出了自己的感受,使得文章结构完整。 9.【2018 年四川成都市】 假如你是图中女孩,你与家人于 4 月 29 日共度周日。请根据图中所示写一篇英文 日记,讲述你当天所见和所做之事。
注意:1.日记应包含图中所有信息 2.日记中须写出当天的一些感受 3.日记应格式正确,语句通顺,句式多样 4 词数:100 左右。
参考词汇:城堡 castle 螃蟹 crab 【答案】Sunny Sunday, April 29(th) Today I had a good time with my parents on the beach It was so fine that I could see the rising sun and flying sea birds. a boat sailed itself in the distance. What a beautiful scene! Dressed in swimming suit, I swam in the blue and clear sea. Then, I played volleyball with my parents. Finally, I managed to make a sand castle with tools. It looked so true to life that a crab even wanted to live in it. What a pleasant day! I not only got close to nature but also shared happiness with my family.
10.【2018 年四川广安市中考】假设下周你所在的班将开展为期一周的研学活动。请根据下面的提示用

英语写一则通知告知全班同学。 阳光农场之旅 活动时间 活动地点
安全 tips

一周 阳光农场 1.帮助清理农场垃圾,搞好农场卫生; 2.学*种菜、植树; 3.野餐,采摘水果(苹果,梨……) 不要到河里游泳,不要单独行动。

要求:1.字迹工整,书写规范,包含全部要点,适当发挥; 2.文中不得出现真实的学校、班级名称; 3.80 词左右,开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数; 4.请将书面表达内容写在答题卡上相应的位置。 参考词汇: rubbish(垃圾) clear away(清理) Sunshine Farm(阳光农场) Hello, everyone, May I have your attention, please? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ That's all Thank you! 【答案】Hello, everyone, May I have your attention, please? Next week our class are going to have a journey to Sunshine Farm. The journey will last for one week. On the farm we're going to do some cleaning and help clear away rubbish at first. Then, we'll learn how to plant trees and grow vegetables. During the week, we will have a picnic and help the farmers pick fruits such as apples and pears. For our safety, we mustn't go swimming in the river and we should keep together. Nobody is allowed to leave the class group and go alone. Wish you a happy journey!

That’s all. Thank you!
写作亮点:首先要点明主题“下周要去做什么”,用到了“have a journey to…”(去…旅行)这个短语。 其次就针对这次旅行做出较为细致的描述,描述时间,描述即将进行的事件,提到了“do some cleaning”(帮助清扫),“help clear away rubbish”(帮助清除垃圾),plant trees(种树)、“grow vegetables”(种植蔬菜),“have a picnic”(去野餐),“help the farmers pick fruits”(帮助 农民采摘水果),“be allowed to do…”(被允许去做…),其中情态动词 must 的用法准确,we mustn't go swimming in the river 意为“我们禁止去河里游泳”,mustn’t 表示“禁止”。结尾处有祝福语 “Wish you a happy journey!”,总体来说短语使用准确,时态正确,结构完整,有相关细节的补充,行 文连贯,完成了既定的写作任务。 11.【2018 年四川省乐山市】现在,戴眼镜的学生越来越多;为此,国家把每年 6 月 6 日定为爱眼日。请 你结合自己的体会,就如何爱护眼睛,给校报英语栏目写一篇短文。内容包括: 1. 吃有益于眼睛的食物,如:胡萝卜、鸡蛋等; 2. 多做眼保健操,长时间用眼后可看看远方; 3. 养成良好的用眼*惯,如:不躺着玩手机或看书等。 注意:1.词数 80 词左右; 2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.开头已给出,不计入总词数。 Nowadays, more and more students are getting near-sighted, so National Eye Care Day is set on June 6 every year. _____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 【答案】Nowadays, more and more students are getting near-sighted, so National Eye Care Day is set on June 6 every year. As we all know, eyes are the windows to the soul. We should try our best to protect them. Here are some suggestions for good eye health. First, eat some foods that are good for eyes, such as carrots and eggs. Second, do more eye exercises to make them relax. Also, it’s helpful to look far away from time to time after studying long.

Finally, make sure to have a good eye habit. Don’t read books or use a cell phone in bed. In a word, eyes are so important that all of us should do what we can to keep them healthy.
点睛:书面表达题既不是汉译英,也不是可任意发挥的作文。它要求将所规定的材料内容经整理后展开思 维,考查运用所学英语知识准确表达意思的能力。所以,考生不能遗漏要点,要尽量使用自己熟悉的单词、 短语和句式,尽可能使用高级词汇和较复杂的句式结构以便得到较高的分数。 12.【2018 年天津市】请你根据以下内容提示,以“The Story of Li Hua”为题,为学校广播站英语专栏写 一篇短文,介绍发生在你班同学李华身上的一件事。 (1)上周五放学后李华乘公交车回家,看到有人在吃橘子,并把橘皮扔在车上。 (2)李华把橘皮捡起,放进垃圾桶。 (3)乘客用手机拍了照片,发布到网上。 (4)老师知道后表扬了李华,李华说这是他应该做的。 (5)你觉得 参考词汇:果皮 peel 垃圾桶 dustbin 发布 post 表扬 praise 要求: (1)词数:80-100 个。 (2)短文的题目和开头已给出,不计入总词数。 (3)要点齐全,行文连贯,可适当发挥。 The Story of Li Hua
Last Friday, when my classmate Li Hua took a bus back home from school. ______________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ 【答案】The Story of Li Hua Last Friday, when my classmate Li Hua took a bus back home from school. After school last Friday,

Li Hua took a bus home and saw someone eating oranges and throwing orange peel on the bus.So he picked it up and put it into the dustbin. The passenger on the bus took photos of Li Hua with their mobile phones and and posted them online. After knowing it, the teacher praised Li Hua and encouraged others to learn from him.I think Li Hua did a good deed. It is impolite to throw litter in public places.
点睛:这篇短文使用了大量的固定短语,为文章增色不少,如 take a bus;put··· into ;take photos of; encourage to do sth;;learn from 等; and ;so 和固定句型 It is +形容词+to do sth 等的运用,使文章的表达更有逻辑性,更富有条理;同时语言流畅,内容完整,是一篇不错的范文。
13.【2018 年江苏省徐州市】你校英文报组织了题为“我喜欢的英语谚语,,征文活动,你有意参加。 请从下面两句英语谚语中任.选.一.句.,写一篇 90 词左右的短文,参加征文活动。 Many hands make light work. Meaning: If lots of people share the work, it will make a job easier to complete. Practice makes perfect. Meaning: If you keep practising,you will be better at it. 短文内容须包括: (1)你喜欢的谚语及其含义 (2)体现该谚语含义的个人经历 注意:1.短文中已给出 的部分(见答题卡)不计入总词数。 2.短文中不得出现真实姓名、校名和地名。 【答案】My favourtite English saying My English saying is many hands make light work. It means if lots of people share the work, It will make a job easier to complete. Last term, our class decided to give a charity show to help children in poor areas. It was difficult to get everything ready in a short time. Luckily, all my classmates worked together and shared the work. Some students handed out leaflets, others prepared the costumes, and others helped download the music. I’m good at singing, so I sang a song while my best friend played the guitar. The charity show turned out to be a great success. We all realized that the success belonged to every one of us. Teamwork really works!

点睛:这是一篇优秀的作文。首先短文内容完整,包含了题目要求的所有信息。短文分为两段,第一段作 者用了两句话,介绍了自己喜欢的谚语以及这个谚语的含义;第二段作者讲述了自己的一个经历,这个经 历与自己喜欢的谚语是有关的,能较好的体现该谚语的含义。两段的格式使短文结构清晰,叙述有条理。 其次短文中使用了正确的人称和时态,文章以第一人称为主,第一段使用了一般现在时态;第二段使用了 一般过去时态,谓语动词形式准确,尤其注意了不规则动词的过去式形式。第三,短文句式表达符合英语 的*惯,语言准确、地道。句子以简单句为主,也用到了很多的复合句,如并列句、宾语从句等,语句之 间也用到了一些连接成分。较好的短语和句式有: It was difficult to get everything ready in a short time. 、Luckily, all my classmates worked together and shared the work. 、Some students handed out leaflets, others prepared the costumes, and others helped download the music.、 I’m good at singing, so I sang a song while my best friend played the guitar.、The charity show turned out to be a great success.、 We all realized that the success belonged to every one of us.等。 14.【2018 年云南省】提示:每个人都向往美好的生活,美好的生活需要我们真诚的付出和给予。请以“Doing Something Nice to...”为题,写一篇英语短文,谈谈你曾经或将要为他人、社会等做的一件美好的事情。 要求:1.请先将题目补全后再做答; 2.语言流畅、书写规范、卷面整洁,词数不少于 60 个; 3.文中不得使用真实姓名、校名,否则以零分计; 4.请将短文写在答题卡上,写在本试题卷上无效。 【答案】Doing something nice to my friend A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart! Jerry is my good friend. He's very thin. Last winter, he got ill. He had to go to hospital once

a week. He took lots of medicine. I hoped he would be as strong as me. So every weekend, I asked him to practice playing basketball with me. I taught him how to play it. Now he is much stronger and healthier. I feel very happy to have done something nice to my friend.
点睛:这篇短文使用了大量的固定短语,为文章增色不少,如 go to hospital; once a week ;lots of; as as 等;So ;Now ;I feel very happy to 等的运用,使文章的表达更有逻辑性,更富有条理; 同时语言流畅,内容完整,是一篇不错的范文。 15.【2018 年浙江宁波市中考】今年 5 月 11 日,你校组织了一次社会实践活动,部分学生选择去了红星农 场(见导图一),其余学生选择去了科技博物馆(见导图二)。请根据你所选择的实践活动写一篇英语日 记,记录当天的经历和感受。
注意:(1)日记必须包括你所选择导图的所有要点,并适当发挥; (2)文中不得出现真实的人名和校名; (3)词数:80 -100。日记格式及首句己给出,不计入总词数。
Friday, May 11th Today I had a school trip.
【答案】Possible version 1:

Friday. May 11th Today I had a school trip. The weather was fine. My classmates and I set off to Hongxing Farm by bus early in the morning. The minute we arrived, we took a walk around the farm. Then we fed the chickens. When I threw some food to them, they ran over to me with excitement and some of them even walked into their friends. The most exciting thing was that we picked strawberries after lunch. While we were picking, we ate a lot. How sweet they were! I had a wonderful time today! I do hope to go there again in the near future! (98 words) Possible version 2: Friday, May 11th Today I had a school trip. The weather was fine. My classmates and I set off to the Science Museum by subway at 7 :00. As soon as we reached the museum, we were amazed to see lots of pictures about science. Then we watched a video about different inventions and their inventors. It's unbelievable that technology has progressed in such a rapid way. In the afternoon, we played chess with some special robots. It was surprising to find that nobody could beat them. Before leaving, we bought some gifts for our friends. I had a wonderful time today! I do hope to go there again! (99 words)
体即可。 16.【2018 年浙江省湖州市】假定你是李蕾,请你对美国朋友 Amy 的邮件进行回复。你可以根据邮件内容作 适当发挥;邮件中不得出现真实的姓名和校名;词数:80-100;短文首句仅供选择使用,不计入总词数。 From: amycali5000@aeim.cup Subject: school project

Hi there! How is it going? Haven’t heard from you for a long time. We are dong a project at school about how different teenagers in the world have fun. I’d
really like you to help me if you can! So, can you tell me: ·what things you do to have a good time? ·why you think having fun is important? If you can think of anything else to write, please do! In return, I’ll send you some great
pictures of me and my friends in California. Thanks very much, and write soon!
From: amycali5000@aeim.cup Subject: school project
Hi, Amy! Thanks for your email. Sorry I haven’t written sooner. Anyway, you want to know how we have
fun here. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Li Lei
【答案】Hi, Amy! Thanks for your email. Sorry I haven't written sooner. You want to know how we have fun here in China, anyway, we teenagers have different ways to enjoy ourselves, like playing sports, playing video games, and watching movies or TV, etc. As a basketball fan since childhood, the most interesting thing for me is playing basketball with my friends after a day's study in the classroom. We almost play every day, competing, talking and laughing, making it the most enjoyable and relaxing moment. Besides, I often watch basketball

games on TV. A close game between two teams always make me excited and sometimes wild with joy. I think it's helpful for both the body and mind. Expecting your great pictures!
点睛:这封邮件使用了大量的固定句式和短语,为文章增色不少,如 be heard from;have fun enjoy ourselves;between ··· and;make me excited 和 both ··· and 等;almost;Besides 等的运用, 使文章的表达更有逻辑性,更富有条理;同时语言流畅,内容完整,是一篇不错的范文。 17.【2018 年浙江省衢州市】假设你是 Li Hua,以下是你的美国笔友 Alex 发给你的一封电子邮件,谢你根 据该邮件内容给 Alex 回一封邮件。

要求:①考生需按电子邮件格式完成整封邮件;②邮件中不能出现真实姓名、校名等相关信息;③字数 90—110。 【答案】


Li Hua



Subject Can’t wait to meet you!

Hi Alex

Thanks for your last letter, and I can’t tell you how excited I am now! I plan to fly to America on July 10 and stay there for about three weeks. I will take an English course to improve my spoken English. If possible, I hope to visit some American families to experience their life and learn more about American culture. Also I’d like to take trips to Hollywood and Disneyland. That must be really interesting. Of course I need to buy some presents for my family and friends. Do you have any suggestions? Can’t wait to meet you! Yours, Li Hua
【解析】写作分析:这篇写作的体裁是信件,需要写一封回信。写作之前需要正确阅读原来信件中的内容, 才能明白需要完成什么样的写作任务。通过读信,发现 Alex 得知 Li Hua 要早七月来洛杉矶,他想知道 Li Hua 到达的时间、停留的时间以及想在美国做的事情。写作难度不大,但需要注意书信的格式以及使得文章结 构完整。 写作亮点: 回信一开始需要表达对收到信件的感谢(Thanks for your last letter),表达自己对于旅途的期待,然 后需要按照顺序描述自己的计划。增添的细节是“I will take an English course to improve my spoken English.”(我将要上一次英语课程来提高自己的口语。),在这个前提下,表达了自己希望在美国做的 事情。对于自己想要去的地方也进行了陈述,但表述也不止于此,还提到了去玩之后还想买一些礼物,这 样的做法使得全文连贯得体。最后再次表达了自己的迫切之情(Can’t wait to meet you!),总体来说 文章语言连贯、结构完整。 18.【2018 年浙江省温州市】.如今,国内外很多孩子在父母的安排下没有了自己的周末,如下图中的 Jack。 请分析图中的这种现象并谈谈你的看法,以 Weekend or Not?为题写一篇约 110 词的英语短文向 Parents 杂 志投稿,让父母们通过阅读你的文章能有所启发。

注意:文中若出现“Jack"以外的人名或任何学校名称,该作文得分不超过 12 分。 Weekend or Not? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 【答案】Weekend or Not? Jack has to attend lots of classes at weekends. He has little time for his favorite sport-soccer. Still, his parents are pushing him to do more math exercises, which worries him a lot. Nowadays, many students are under much pressure like Jack. Their parents believe it necessary for them to make full use of the weekends and learn as much as possible. As a result, some students are stressed out and therefore lose interest in learning anything. What is worse, they may not be able to learn to manage their own life. I do hope all the children can have the freedom to choose what they like to do and enjoy their weekends.

写作亮点:首段用几句话简单描述了漫画,用到了一些较好的短语(attend lots of classes,has little time for…,pushing him to do,worries him a lot),这些短语运用准确,能使文章首段非常有吸引 力。第二段描述了自己的观点,使用了一些议论文常用的句式(…believe it necessary for … to…, As a result, What is worse,),文章末尾有自己的希望,清晰简练地表达了自己的观点。总体来说这篇 文章分段清晰,每段功能准确,表意明确,有一定的说理性,完成了既定的写作任务。 19.【2018 年浙江省义乌市】你校英语社团正在开展主题为“ How do students find study partners?” 的讨论,为此你采访了一些学生,请你根据下表内容用英语写一篇短文进行交流,并说明你自己的方式及 理由。





方便找到学伴 及时得到帮助



面对面分享经验 共同解决问题



注意:(1)短文必须包括表中所有内容,可适当增加细节; (2)你的理由至少两条; (3)词数:80-100; (4)短文首句仅供选择使用,不计入总词数。 参考词汇:学伴 study partner 方便的 convenient 短文首句:I have recently done a survey about how students find study partners. 【答案】I have recently done a survey about how students find study partners. Some students find study partners through the Internet. They believe it’s convenient to find

partners to study with online. Besides, they can get help from study partners whenever necessary. Some students prefer to join clubs to find study partners so that they can share experience face to face. What’s more, they think working out problems together helps learn more easily. As for me, I’d like to get study partners by going to summer camp because I can learn something new while having fun. Also, it’s a good way to learn how to get on well with others.
(98 words)

亮点分析:本文写作合理、语句通顺。在文中使用了 Besides,What’s more,As for me 等短语,使文章 衔接自然。句子 They believe it’s convenient to find……的使用,增加了文章的亮点。还有 so that 的使用,使文章如行云流水。本文为上等作文。 20.【2018 年浙江省舟山市】假设你是李华。上周六,你陪同来自美国结对学校的中学生 Peter 体验中国文 化。请根据以下信息,用英语写一篇短文向校刊 English Journey 投稿,介绍本次活动内容并分享感受。



◆make zongzi

◆visit a tea museum

◆learn Chinese characters

注意:(1)短文必须包括表格中的所有内容,并表达感受。 (2)文中不得出现与你身份相关的信息。 (3)词数:80-100。短文首句仅供参考,不计入总词数。 短文首句:Last Saturday, I took Peter, a student from America, to experience some Chinese cultures. 【答案】Last Saturday, I took Peter, a student from America, to experience some Chine cultures. Everything he experienced that day is a great attraction to him. In the morning, Peter and I went to visit a tea museum, where he learnt a lot about Chinese tea.

After that, I took him home and taught him to make zongzi. Although it was a bit difficult, he still enjoyed it. In the afternoon, we had a Chinese class, learning the history of Chinese characters. He also tried to write some characters with a Chinese brush, and even lost himself in it. Peter kept saying “Amazing!” all the way, which makes me really proud of our rich cultures.
1.看望;访问。 ( ) 2.互相商量解决彼此间相关的问题。 ( ) 3.竭力保持庄重。 ( ) 4.洗澡,洗浴,比喻受润泽。 ( ) 5.弯弯曲曲地延伸的样子。 ( )
冷静 寂静 幽静 恬静 安静 1.蒙娜丽莎脸上流露出( )的微笑。 2.贝多芬在一条( )的小路上散步。 3.同学们( )地坐在教室里。 4.四周一片( ),听不到一点声响。 5.越是在紧张时刻,越要保持头脑的( )。

___________________________________________________________________________ 2.达·芬奇的“蒙娜丽莎”是全人类文化宝库中一颗璀璨的明珠。(缩写句子)
___________________________________________________________________________ 3.我在她面前只停留了短短的几分钟。她已经成了我灵魂的一部分。(用关联词连成一
句话) ___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________
4.她的光辉照耀着每一个有幸看到她的人。 “把”字句:_________________________________________________________________ “被”字句:_________________________________________________________________
作者用细腻的笔触、传神的语言介绍了《蒙娜丽莎》画像,具体介绍了__________, __________,特别详细描写了蒙娜丽莎的__________和__________,以及她__________、 __________和__________;最后用精炼而饱含激情的语言告诉大家,蒙娜丽莎给人带来了心灵 的震撼,留下了永不磨灭的印象。
(一) 蒙娜丽莎那微抿的双唇,微挑( )的嘴角,好像有话要跟你说。在那极富个性的嘴角和 眼神里,悄然流露出恬静、淡雅的微笑。那微笑,有时让人觉得舒畅温柔,有时让人觉得略 含哀伤,有时让人觉得十分亲切,有时又让人觉得有几分矜( )持。蒙娜丽莎那“神秘的微 笑”是那样耐人寻味,难以捉摸。达·芬奇凭着他的天才想象为和他那神奇的画笔,使蒙娜丽 莎转瞬即逝的面部表情,成了永恒的美的象征。

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